Can a Conservatory be a Bedroom?

Can a conservatory be a bedroom?  A conservatory is an extension of your home, an affordable way to add much-needed space. But we tend to see the conservatory as nothing more than a sunroom that can only be used in a defined number of ways. It is possible to use the conservatory in other ways, […]

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Guide to caring for your guttering

Blocked or damaged gutters bring a whole host of potential problems. As well as leaks leaving unsightly stains on the exterior walls, dripping gutters can lead to dampness in your home too. Fortunately, caring for your guttering is simple and easy to do. Caring for your guttering in three easy steps Cleaning the guttering is […]

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Improve your property in 6 simple ways

Whether you’re getting your property ready to sell, or just giving it a facelift, improving the look and functionality of your home is easy. Here are six of our favourite fixes to get you started. 1. Install a shiny new front door Whether it is old, new, modern, or vintage, your front door is one […]

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Top tips for lighting your conservatory

As the dark nights roll in, lighting up your conservatory for around the clock use becomes even more important. Winter’s short days and long nights can be difficult to handle after warm summer days, with many individuals struggling to adjust and some even developing troublesome Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a result. Whatever the season, […]

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Do you have the winter blues?


Winter is just around the corner, bringing dark nights, plummeting temperatures, and adverse weather conditions. Some people enjoy this season, but many individuals find it to be a challenge. The harshness of winter can affect their mood and well-being. Known as the winter blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that affects […]

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5 general maintenance tips for your conservatory

Properly maintaining and caring for your conservatory will extend its lifespan and keep it looking great. To help you give your extension the TLC it deserves, here are our five top tips for conservatory maintenance. 1. Clear out your gutters and drains Just like the gutters and drains on the main part of your property, […]

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Your Window buying guide for 2019

Replacing old, draughty, and unattractive windows with brand new frames and panes can be incredibly beneficial for your property. New windows improve energy efficiency and insulation and will make your home a more comfortable and stylish place to be. To help ensure you select the perfect windows for your home, we’ve put together a guide […]

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