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Homeowners Free to Build Bigger Extensions Without Planning Permission

Homeowners in England looking to extend their properties will be pleased to hear that legislation has changed. Now, single-storey extension to the rear of a home will be allowed – without making a full application for planning permission

That said, before you make any real plans, it’s important that you fully understand the changes and their implications. This is what you really need to know about building an extension without planning permission. 

Does this mean less red tape for homeowners? 

In a word, yes. Homeowners who are keen to make additions to their properties without jumping through hoops have welcomed the news. Housing minister Kit Malthouse said the change in England means, ‘families can grow without being forced to move’

Under the changes, the many months of waiting time has been scrapped, as well as hefty administrative fees. Many are seeing this as extremely positive. 

What about the impact on neighbours? 

Of course, it’s sensible to look at these changes from both sides of the fence. If you’re concerned about neighbours extending and this is having an impact on your property, you’re not alone. It’s worth noting that neighbours are still involved in the process, and still have their say. 

They’ll be consulted and will be able to raise any concerns that they might have. In this instance, the council will decide whether the changes will impact the character or enjoyment of the area. 

What are your options for extending? 

If the notoriously difficult planning permission process has previously put you off extending, you might now be thinking about making changes. Every family’s needs and desires are different, so you’ll want to take the time to carefully assess all your options. 

One popular route to take is building a conservatory. This can provide you with a beautiful space that you can enjoy throughout the year. It’s also a great option if you love to entertain friends and family. 

What steps should you take next? 

Though the planning process has changed, everything else remains largely the same. If you’re about to embark on an extension project, then it’s time to call in the professionals and get their point of view. 

Working with an architect, for example, might be something that you want to consider. They will be able to advise on all the practicalities of turning your dream into a reality. Don’t be scared to ask plenty of questions before you make any decisions. 

These changes to legislation in England mean that many people will be thinking about starting their projects. If you’re thinking about design ideas for your conservatory, or any other element of the process, we can help you.

We can walk you right through all the options and help you to make choices that are right for you and your family. Have a read through our blog for more inspiration, or pick up the phone to talk to a member of our team.