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If you don’t have a pressure washer though and are considering buying one, then read on. We’ve compiled a short guide here on how to use a pressure washer, together with what to look for when it comes to choosing the perfect pressure washer for you.

What to look for in a pressure washer

Power. If you’re buying a pressure washer to rinse down your car or decking area then you want something with plenty of power. Just check though that your water supply can cope with the amount of pressure you need i.e. can your water mains supply provide it? Some supplies don’t have a lot of pressure. Remember too though that the more pressure you have, the more expensive using your pressure washer will be in terms of your utility bills.

Flexibility. Most pressure washers are flexible when it comes to how much pressure you want. They tend to be easy to adjust. You may, for instance, want less pressure when cleaning a wall so as not to disturb the render too much.

Length. Pressure washers also have cables with different lengths. If you plan on using yours to clean a patio area at the bottom of your garden, just make sure the cable stretches that far. 

Using your pressure washer

Tidy up. If you plan on using your pressure washer for cleaning up decking or the patio etc then make sure there are no kids toys or fallen leaves etc lying around. Wipe off any dust if it’s the car you plan on washing. 

Test the washer. Before blasting your chosen area make sure the pressure washer is actually working. For instance, is it leaking anywhere? Or perhaps it’s clogged up? Do you get an electric shock when you touch it? In the case of the latter scenario, definitely get an electrician to check it over.

Detergent. Make sure you have enough liquid detergent to make your wash worthwhile. That means enough to get a good foam going but not too much that it covers your driveway when you start.

Getting started. Power washers come in both gas and electric versions. If you’re in gas then make sure the gas level is high enough. Keep regulating it throughout your wash. If your power washer is electric then make sure the cable is ok and that no electrical charges are going into the water (an electric tester can help with this).

Using your power washer. Stand with your feet slightly apart as this gives you better balance once the pressure washer starts spraying (it can be forceful). 

@guildquality “Until you gain confidence with the pressure washer, hold the wand securely with both hands so that it won’t fly out of your grip. Also, keep the spray tip approximately 18 inches away from the surface you’re cleaning to minimize the risk of damage.”

For best results, spray at an angle to the object you intend to spray clean. Start with low pressure and build up.