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Ways to combat the cost of living crisis – long-term home energy-saving hacks

Around 75 per cent of UK residents surveyed said they attempted to cut back on their energy use prior to the increased utility costs being introduced in April this year. Whether the methods they used had any real effect remains to be seen – and will be in evidence on the receipt of their next utility bill in the autumn.

The type of activities which won’t actually reduce their bill includes hand washing dishes instead of using the dishwasher (you’ll use far more water) and keeping the heating on all day on a low setting.

If this is you, then never mind because, in this post, we’ll give you energy-saving hacks that really will make a difference to your next bill. Read on…

Don’t use standby mode for devices

Turn all electronic devices off overnight (i.e. unplug them). Not only is this safer for you and your family, but it means you’re also using electricity. That’s because even though a phone, TV or computer is in sleep mode, it’s still using electricity.

Get a smart meter

According to surveys that have been carried out, having a smart meter installed in your home and using it to adjust energy use can save a family around £370 a year. Another plus is that you’ll be able to tell roughly how much your bill will be before your supplier starts asking for it, giving you time to save. Ask your current energy supplier for a smart meter today – it won’t cost you anything.

Get double glazing

Having new double-glazed windows means that you’re preventing heat from escaping out of your home between any gaps in the window frame. In addition, the space between the two glass panes provides an extra layer of insulation. 

Shut your curtains

Big heavy curtains, which are kept shut at night during the colder months, can really help keep heat in and draughts out too. That’s especially the case if the curtains are lined and go all the way down to the floor where they land puddle-fashion.

@MoneySavingExp: “Walk around your home spotting window and door draughts. You can even make your own sausage dog draught excluder. Decent draught-proofing can cut 2% off energy bills, so about £30 a year on average for a typical home. This applies to chimneys too, where you can get a 1.5%-ish further reduction.”

Turn down the thermostat

It can be tempting to turn the thermostat up during the colder months, but try and live with it just one or two degrees lower, and you’ll notice a difference in your energy usage. Just put on a big jumper, hoodie and woollen socks when sitting around the house instead.

Check for green grant schemes

People over pensionable age and a certain income can get help with a grant for a boiler replacement. There are also schemes to encourage low-carbon heating systems. Pensioners also receive heating payments. But it’s not just the government or your local authority that has grants; private companies do too, so it’s also worth asking if you need to replace something or are having trouble paying a particular energy bill.