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Can a Conservatory be a Bedroom?

Can a conservatory be a bedroom? 

A conservatory is an extension of your home, an affordable way to add much-needed space. But we tend to see the conservatory as nothing more than a sunroom that can only be used in a defined number of ways. It is possible to use the conservatory in other ways, including as a bedroom, however, you’ll need to consider additional design and installation factors. 

How to make a conservatory into a bedroom

Designing and installing a conservatory to be a bedroom requires dealing with some of the cons of this type of structure. Installing a ‘plastic box’ conservatory simply won’t give you the right kind of space to use as a bedroom. 

Heating and ventilation

You’ll need to consider how to effectively heat the space, and hang on to that heat for as long as possible, but also allow ventilation, essential in the summer months when internal conservatory temperatures are high.

Heating – installing an effective and efficient heating system is essential for a conservatory being used as a bedroom. Adding radiators is one option, connecting these to your current central heating system and boiler. The other option is underfloor heating, which can also be connected to a modern boiler or another sustainable heat source – such as underground heating systems.

Insulation – no matter how much heat you pump into the bedroom conservatory, if it isn’t well insulated, heat will be lost quickly. Improving the roof structure is essential, with many homeowners opting for an insulated and tiled roof to the conservatory they intend using as a bedroom. 

As @HomeAdviceGuide point out, the majority of conservatories are too hot in summer but too cold in winter. Insulation significantly improves the usability of the space by regulating temperatures in the conservatory, not just in the summer but all year round. 

Ventilation – encouraging the circulation of air in a conservatory helps to make it a more pleasurable space, and certainly a room for sleeping in. The vast expanse of glass means that you’ll need to take steps to ensure ventilation. From opening windows and throwing open the doors to vents in brickwork and windows, allowing moist air out is essential in a conservatory being used as a bedroom.

Shading in the conservatory

The main reason people want a conservatory as a bedroom is because of the warmth it offers, as well as light pouring in through the windows.

Having said that, sunlight is harsh, glaring to the eyes and bleaching soft furnishings. To make the space comfortable, shading on some or all of the windows becomes an integral part of the interior design of your conservatory.

You don’t have to block out the sun completely. There are various options when it comes to conservatory blinds to shade the room, something which also helps regulate the temperature.

Choosing the right conservatory design

And finally, if you intend using the conservatory as a bedroom, either as a master bedroom – or occasional guest bedroom, the right conservatory design is essential. You’ll need plenty of space matched by high-quality installation and finish.