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Tips to keep your windows gleaming and streak-free in summer

Window cleaning is something we just can’t avoid – not if we want our houses to feel sunny and clean inside, anyway. That’s because window panes and their frames are a magnet for grime, dust and watermarks, mainly due to their constant exposure to the outdoors.

Summer is the time when you really want to have your windows streak-free and shiny. That’s because the sun shows up all manner of fingerprints and dust on the glass otherwise. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to get your windows sparkling. And here are some of our top tips on how to achieve this:

Wash on an overcast day

Wash and wipe your windows when it’s sunny and you’ll be left with streaks on the glass. Instead, wait for a rather overcast day when there is no sun – and no rain either. Do them in the morning, too, as this is when the day is at its coolest. Then get to work.

@RealHomes: A bright, sunny day might seem like a great opportunity to clean the windows, but the opposite is true. The key thing here is temperature. If it’s hot outside, the sun can dry the windows too quickly, which is usually the cause of streaks in the first place. That’s because the water and window cleaning product evaporate in the heat, leaving behind spots and streaks.

Take down the curtains or pull up the blinds to the top of the window frame. Next, use the nozzle of the vacuum to make sure you hoover up any dust and other particles on the windowsill and frame. That way, you won’t spread any dust onto the glass itself.

Get mildew off the frame

After putting on a pair of rubber gloves, get a lint-free cloth and wipe off mildew on the wooden window frames. Use a mould remover to make sure you get as much mildew as possible.

Get the glass sparkling

Mix together one part distilled white vinegar (non-toxic and anti-bacterial) and nine parts water, then put it into an old spray bottle (the type you use to mist the plants). Spray this on the glass then using a lint-free cloth wipe the windows down. Buff them to a shine using a chamois leather wipe. If you want to make sure your windows don’t have any streaks afterwards, then put some dishwasher rinse aid in the water for your final wash.

Another way to get your windows sparkling clean is to use a folded-up newspaper and just wipe the glass both vertically and horizontally with it. Do this in the manner you would use to buff the glass with a chamois leather cloth. 

Clean bigger panes faster

If you happen to have a glass door to clean – or large panel-type windows, then it’s easier to do so if you use a window vacuum. That way, you’ll get rid of all the remaining water quickly – rather than have it drip onto your floor as you will when using a sponge brush.