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6 Top Tips for Window Maintenance

So you’ve just replaced your old windows with brand spanking new ones. However, the work has only just begun. Like everything new, windows require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in great condition, look good, and continue to work as they should.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your windows in tip-top shape.

1. Fix Things as Soon as Possible

Maybe you’ve started to notice that extra bit of condensation, a crack letting the damp in, or a handle that is a little too loose? It’s tempting to leave these minor things because they’re not having much impact. But as the winter draws in over the next few months, that small fault might become a lot more prominent. Fix the small problems quickly.

2. Seal and Repaint Exterior Window Frames

If you have wooden window frames, you’d be wise to keep on eye on sealing and/or painting fairly frequently. Weather damage can chip away at the frames, starting with cracks and peels. This can create far bigger problems down the line if you don’t keep on top of it. Although it might seem like an unnecessary hassle, doing this regularly will only be a small job, with minimal effort required.

3. Inspect the Rubber Seals Twice a Year

If the rubber seals on your windows become dry or cracked from the heat during the summer months, they will need to be replaced before winter to avoid any leaking. To do this you can remove the window sashes and take them to somewhere that offers glass repair as a service or call in the professionals.

4. Caulk

Caulk is a must-have item on the home repair DIY kit list. You should inspect these a few times a year and re-caulk any small chips, cracks or missing pieces. You will be thankful you if you do, as this will avoid any water damage in the future. Once water damage becomes too severe, that will then call for an entire replacement, which will cost you far more in the long-term.


5. Make Sure the Interior Frames are in Good Condition

The sun’s UV rays can create added damage to the paint or seal on your interior frames as well as the exterior ones. When you make an effort to keep an eye on this, you maximise the protective functions of the interior frame.

6. Keep Screens in Good Working Order

Your window screens create a barrier for your windows and therefore protect them from damage. If you let these go the overall level of protection decreases including any potential harm caused by smaller particles and debris.

So there are our top tips. An added one is to carry out a full home maintenance check once per year that covers your windows. Even if you check all of the above annually you should be able to keep on top of any repairs that need fixing. And of course for any window replacement advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!