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How to care for your windows and doors

Though newly installed PVC-U and aluminium windows and doors really don’t need a lot of looking after, by giving your windows and doors a bit of TLC every few months you can extend their lifespan and keep them looking great. All it takes is a little bit of effort on your part and your new windows and doors will last you for years. If you’re planning a spring clean, or just want to ensure your home stays in great condition, here’s our guide to caring for your windows and doors.

Cleaning – windows

Like the TODAY show says, “Nothing says “dreary” like dirty windows. They obstruct the outside view, restrict sunlight and give an unkempt appearance to even the prettiest of houses.” To make sure your windows don’t take the shine of your home away, make sure you give them a thorough clean on a regular basis.

Before you use any wet products on the window surface, vacuum up any debris that’s lying on the windowsill. Then use a mixture of water and vinegar to wash the windows and use old newspaper to dry them. This should leave the glass spotless and give you windows to be proud of.  

Cleaning – doors

Like windows, doors should be vacuumed before cleaning. This will prevent dirt and grime being spread over the surface and will give you a better finish. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean any glass that’s in the door. You can also use this mixture to clean the rest of the surface or swap it for mild soapy water if you want to keep the vinegary odour to a minimum.


Both PVC-U and aluminium doors and windows require very little maintenance. If you do spot any leaks or cracks in your windows and doors, get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent the problem from becoming serious. Occasionally, you may need to oil the hinges and locks of your doors and windows to keep them working perfectly.

Everyday use

Though your new windows and doors will be exceptionally strong and resilient, if you treat them gently when you open and close them they are likely to last even longer. Avoid slamming them, use all locks and catches according to the manufacturer’s instructions and your windows and doors could last a lifetime.

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