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Windows can affect house prices – guide for buyers and sellers

From the choice of décor to the state of the front garden and the size of the kitchen to the noisiness of the neighbours, a lot of factors will have an impact on the value of a home. Though some you simply can’t control, there are others that sellers can fix before they put their homes on the market, and that buyers should watch out for when they’re hunting for a new home.

One of the most important is the windows. Old, draughty windows not only make a property less secure and less energy efficient, they also make it less attractive. And like This is Money says “Estate agents insist that new double-glazed windows or fitting secondary glazing inside existing windows will add value while making a home more ‘sellable’.” So what can you do to ensure your windows don’t let you down when you’re selling your property, and how can buyers ensure the windows in their new home are up to scratch?

Old windowsDo they look old?

Even if you’re buying a period property, the windows in your new home shouldn’t look old and tatty. The first thing buyers should look for is how well the windows fit in their frames. They should look to see if there are any obvious defects in the window or the frame and take a minute to feel for any draughts that are coming in through the windows. If you’re selling your home and know your windows are old, tired and draughty, replacing them before you put the property on the market will help to improve your chances of achieving your asking price.

Are they double glazed?

Double glazed windows are more secure and more energy efficient than single glazed panes. Even if the original window is in good condition, replacing them with new, double glazed versions is often well worth the seller’s time and money. If you’re buying a property with single glazing and have previously only ever lived with double glazing, you’ll be amazed by how much of a difference that extra layer can make to noise, warmth and security.

Are they secure?

Buyers want to be sure they’re purchasing a property that’s safe and secure. If the existing windows don’t have locks on them, it could make the property more vulnerable and make home insurance more expensive. Good quality new windows will automatically be fitted with durable locks. This will put buyers’ minds at ease and ensure the property is as secure as possible.

Strong, secure and stylish windows are good for both buyers and sellers. Upping the quality of the property and making it a more attractive purchase, new windows will help a home to fly off the shelves. To find out more about replacing the windows in your home, take a look around our site today.