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Replace or repair? The essential window upgrade guide

The decision to upgrade your old windows shouldn’t be taken lightly. The upgrades we install provide excellent value without compromising quality, but it is still an investment. When upgrading, you have two options: window replacement, or repair. In this post, we delve a little deeper into the pros and cons, so you can decide with confidence.

Your windows are inefficient

Weather stripping products provide a great quick fix for those looking to improve the insulation of their existing windows on a budget. On the other hand, those looking for a longer term solution to their inefficient windows should consider window replacement. We stock a vast range of energy efficient glazing options to ensure heat loss is reduced, and draughts and cold spots are kept to a minimum.

According to the latest statistics, the use of weather stripping products saves households £25 per year. In contrast, properties which replace their single glazed windows with A+ rated, double glazed units save between £55 and £110 per year. The same theory applies to your doors. These can be upgraded to energy efficient doors to improve insulation and draught proofing.

Your property is listed

In many cases, we have found suitable and stunning window replacements for period homes. However, for listed buildings, we generally recommend repair over replacement. Retaining the original character and charm of your listed building is important, and your windows are a defining part of the overall appearance.

Energy Saving Trust provides some essential guidance for owners of listed buildings and properties in conservation areas:

“Listed buildings have tight controls on what you can change on the outside and sometimes the inside as well, depending on their grading. Old sash windows in historic properties can be protected not only for their appearance but also the materials and methods used to make them. But secondary glazing can be a non-intrusive way of insulated historic windows from the inside, and may be granted permission.”

You live on a busy road

Noise, whether it’s produced by passers-by or vehicle traffic, is something you want to escape when inside your home. If your current windows are not keeping the noise out, replacing your windows with double glazed units will be a big step towards peaceful and tranquil living conditions. In addition to providing excellent heat insulation, energy efficient windows insulate your property against external noise.

You don’t want the upheaval of replacement

Replacing your old windows with new ones is simpler than ever. From site survey and consultation to full project management and planning, our specialist team will handle the entire process so you can reap all the rewards of window replacement sooner than you think.

Read our guide to the scheduling of works for further information on the window replacement process.