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Why should I upgrade my windows

Whether you are upgrading your home to sell or improving for enjoyment in the long term, boosting the kerb appeal of your property can have major plus points, value wise. According to a recent survey conducted by Barclays Mortgages, spending just a few hundred pounds can add thousands to your house price. Yes, first impressions can indeed make or break a deal as well as turn your experience of your home a negative one.

Windows play a major role when it comes to maximising the kerb appeal of your property. For those wishing to upgrade to double or even triple glazing, new window installation harnesses a number of very important benefits. Read on to discover some of the reasons you should consider upgrading your windows to our double glazed units.

Lower your energy bills

As the autumn and winter months roll in, talk turns to one subject in particular – those spiralling energy costs. Upgrading your windows to new double glazed units is a great choice if you are looking to keep the cold out and the warm in. The average home loses around 10% of its heat through its windows.

There are however a number of ways that new windows reduce heat loss as described by Warmup UK (@Warmup_Plc) in their latest blog post on home heat loss:

“To reduce heat loss through windows, the installation of double / triple glazing can significantly reduce any losses. Generally, the gaps between the panes of glass are filled with air. Heat loss is reduced as air is a poor conductor of heat. The use of caulking materials around window and door frames can also reduce heat loss.”

Boost your energy efficiency

Opting for a more energy-efficient window isn’t just great for your wallet, it’s great for the planet too. Upgrading your windows can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your property, reducing the impact that your home has on the Earth. The fact that your more efficient windows will lose less heat means you will also use less fuel and generate far less carbon dioxide.

Draught-proof your property

Avoid draughtsOlder, single glazed windows are notorious for draughts, and many properties with single glazing or poor quality double glazing are plagued with unwanted and uncomfortable cold spots. These cold spots may have gone unnoticed during the pleasant summer months but come winter, they will be there for all to feel.

Upgrading your windows to our double glazed windows will keep those pesky draughts at bay for much more cosy and pleasant living conditions for you and your family.

Enjoy more peaceful surroundings

Noise pollution is also high in single glazed homes or properties with below standard glazing, particularly if you live in an urban area. By upgrading your windows, you can make your property a more peaceful place to live, keeping unwanted outside noise where it belongs.

Reduce your condensation levels

Condensation causes major issues in homes, old and new, resulting in problems such as damp and mould. Whilst double glazing can’t eliminate condensation completely, it does significantly improve levels within the average property. Alongside loft insulation and draught proofing methods, the installation of double glazing can not only reduce heat loss but improve insulation, two factors that reduce the likelihood of condensation.

Enhance the appearance of your home

As we’ve explained, kerb appeal matters, and upgrading your windows can have a direct impact on the overall appearance, feel and finish of your home. With so many finishes available, you are certain to find the PVC-U product that complements your property style. New windows also mean improved security for your home, and a number of optional extras are available to enhance safety further.

Get started with your window upgrade today by contacting a member of our team to discuss your options.