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Top 5 tips for keeping your conservatory warm this winter

There is a misconception that conservatories tend to be just for the summer months. Au contraire, your glass extension is a great way to enjoy the winter sun – and stay warm.

Not all conservatories are cosy, though. If your structure needs a bit of heating up, then here are some ideas on how to do just that in an energy-efficient way:


Invest in underfloor heating

The beauty of using underfloor heating to warm your conservatory is that you won’t lose any space. So, it’s an ideal solution if you have a small conservatory, in particular. The downside of underfloor heating is that it can take time to warm up. A water-driven system should help allay any fears of a leak during cold weather since there are no underfloor joints, meaning it’s easy to fix if the worst does happen.

Put up window treatments

As well as looking great and adding a decorative touch, window treatments, such as Roman blinds or thick curtains, can help insulate your conservatory. If you prefer blinds, then opt for a cellular type. With honeycomb-shaped pockets, they trap air, limiting any heat transferring out the window.

Introduce a portable heater

For those who can’t afford to fit underfloor heating or buy blinds for all the windows in their conservatory, then bringing in a portable heater for the winter months can prove invaluable. Keep those rising energy costs low by using an infrared heater (rather than oil-fuelled) or even electric panel heaters. A fan heater will warm up the room instantly, but don’t have it on for too long as it is expensive to run. 

Get rid of any damp spots

@idealhome: “If budget is an issue, many of the tips around how to keep your house warm in the winter can be applied to the conservatory. Consider turning old jumpers into draught excluders and laying them at the bottom of the windows and doors. Incorporate rugs and… if all else fails, make sure to have baskets filled with blankets for snuggling up with.”

Install radiators

If the walls of your conservatory are tall enough, you could get away with installing radiators. The most energy-efficient way to do this is to have the heaters installed to the central heating system in the rest of your home. You’ll need the approval of your local Building Regulations team before going ahead. You can also install electric radiators, but these will cost more, especially with today’s escalating utility prices.

Follow these simple steps for a cosy conservatory you will love to spend time in this winter.