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5 uses for the modern conservatory

The conservatory is a mini marvel of modern living – a link between the outside and the inside of our homes that can be used any way we see fit.

For decades, it has been seen as the most logical extension for homeowners wishing to add an extra room without ripping up the foundations.

Not only can it add value to your home but a luxury conservatory installation can add value to your daily home life too.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the modern conservatory, however, is just how flexible it is.

So, here we’ll be celebrating that fact by taking you through what we think are five of the most common and practical uses for your conservatory.

Dining room

The majority of conservatories are built between the kitchen and the garden or patio area and so are uniquely placed as dining rooms almost by default.

For those that enjoy dining in the early evening as the sun is setting, decking out the conservatory as a dining room is a wonderful idea as you will have just enough natural light that you might not even need any electric help to see what you’re eating.


Kids can be loud and they are particularly loud when they’re playing. That’s why you’ll see so many conservatories littered with playhouses, ball pits and toy cars – they are easy to close off and ignore without losing sight of your darling little cherubs.

There are many benefits to using your conservatory as a playroom, not least of which it’s right next to the garden, which means if they want to play outside they are but a few steps away.

It also acts as a great ‘middle ground’ between the outdoors and the indoors. So you’ll be able to clean off all those grass and dirt stains before they make their way to the living room!

Second living room

Sometimes, one living room just isn’t quite enough, especially for large families. Somebody might want to read in peace, while everyone else wants to watch the television and somebody might want to watch the football whilst everyone else might want to catch up on the latest binge-worthy drama.

This is why second living rooms are such a great idea and why the conservatory is the ideal fit for this purpose. It’s cosy, sizable and endlessly configurable.

Hobby room

Whether you’re a keen tabletop gamer or want a good space to store all of your workout gear and plan your next major body transformation, a conservatory is ideal as a hobby room. Call it a man cave or a craft room, whatever you prefer, it’s a space that couldn’t be more perfect for the makeover.

As it’s technically apart from the rest of the home, it can feel almost like a bespoke space where you can detach from your home life and enter the world of your obsession.

It’s also generally a lot more comfortable and convenient (not to mention more secure) than having to move all of your expensive gear into the shed or ‘summer house’.

Home office

More of us are working from home than ever before, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You might think that the spare bedroom or attic would make the ideal home working space but attics get incredibly hot in the summer months and we always need more bedrooms. The conservatory is the perfect compromise.

You don’t even need to take up the entire room, just a desk and a computer in one corner. When the sun is shining you can even open the doors to the garden or patio and feel like you’re working somewhere a little exciting!