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uPVC doors and windows – revamp or replace?

Such is the quality and durability of uPVC doors and windows these days that you can expect to last a good four decades.

However, within that time they will no doubt need some attention. But how can you tell when it’s time to replace your uPVC doors and windows rather than simply liven them up with a coat of paint or reinforce the glass?

Well, here’s is a quick checklist for you right here:

Your floors and furniture are fading

Your curtains are fading and your lovely dark wooden floorboards are starting to look pretty washed out. But what does this have to do with your uPVC doors and windows?

Well, it means the glass in them isn’t as efficient against the sun’s UV rays as it once was. You can probably get away with just revamping your windows with an additional low-E coating on the glass if that’s the case.

Your energy bills are rising

You’re paying more for your utility bills than ever. This time it isn’t due to the big energy giants increasing costs.

No, it’s a case of looking closer to home for the culprit instead. And that may very well be your old and tired uPVC doors and windows.

Normally it’s the thermal insulation ability of uPVC doors and windows that people love most about them. They keep the house nice and toasty in winter by minimising heat loss and ensure it’s cool enough in summer by blocking out the heat.

@EnergySaver says: “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.”

It’s only really when cracks between the glass and frame develop or the glass breaks much easier than it did before due to all that resistance to cold winter weather and UV light. Now is the time to replace them.

Your family’s safety is compromised

If you’ve had your uPVC doors and windows for some time now, then it may be that they aren’t equipped with all the additional safety features available in newer models.

That includes triple glazed panels and reinforced steel frames. Some windows even come ‘crowbar protected’ and with internal glazing to prevent panes from being removed from outside.

But it’s not just in terms of break-ins that the safety of your uPVC doors and windows can be compromised.

It may be that your old windows get stuck easily, making them a potential fire hazard. In both instances, it is better to replace the windows than try to revamp them.

The good news is that in a 2020 study carried out by consumer magazine Which, 73% of people had no issues with their double glazing, within the first 10 years.

Of those who had problems, the biggest complaint (30%) was over the windows or doors becoming difficult to open/close. Windows dropping, so they didn’t fit as well as the next highest complaint, followed by locks not working and difficulties with condensation.

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