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Update your period property while keeping an authentic look

Period properties which are still fortunate enough to have their original windows are few and far between. That’s because most of these windows would have been put in at least 100 years ago – and their battles with the elements (i.e. the British weather) will no doubt be visible today.

@Real Homes: “Old windows inevitably face threats such as warping, rotting, sticking, chipping and corrosion. In addition, many homeowners complain of draughts and high energy bills.

“Energy is lost through windows in two ways: heat passing through the glass and warm air escaping through gaps in and around the frames.”

Replicating authentic window frames and features

In order to keep the authentic look of a period property, it makes sense to fit windows as close to the original design as possible. And that’s where flush sash uPVC windows come in. These comply with modern building regulations, are easy to fit and will ensure a far more energy-efficient home.

The newer uPVC sash windows will also last far longer than the original timber windows, resulting in a much cosier and warmer home come the colder winter months.

Sash windows in older period properties

The original sash windows, which were fitted during the Georgian and Victorian eras, have two frames or ‘sashes.’ Each sash has a single pane (or smaller panes) of glass held together by wooden glazing bars. These slide vertically into grooves. They are held open by weights and pulleys which sit inside a timber box frame.

Other ways to give your windows character

You can always ensure your new uPVC windows blend in beautifully with the character of your period property by fitting window treatments. By this, we mean vintage curtains with beautiful fabric and in a style redolent of the period. This has the double benefit of adding extra insulation.

A choice of colours 

Another benefit of using uPVC windows is that they can be painted in a choice of colours, making sure the authentic appeal of your windows is further enhanced. It’s also possible to buy these windows in rosewood or golden oak woodgrain. Grey – from light dove to bolder anthracite – is a colour many householders are using to ‘modernise’ their period property. It’s common too to have a darker shade on the exterior of the frame and a lighter painted frame inside.

Benefits of flush sash uPVC windows 

There are many reasons to replace your original windows with the new uPVC slimline versions. Here are some of the more popular:

  • Sleek and slim frames add a modern minimalist look, as well as an elegant profile
  • The new uPVC windows don’t need even a tenth of the maintenance that the older timber frames require to continue to look good and weather efficient
  • Windows which are built flush into the frame will be far more energy efficient, making the room more comfortable to sit in and cutting down on the cost of utility bills (an important consideration right now with escalating energy costs)
  • New uPVC windows come with secure locking – a system difficult for potential burglars to unpick