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Never mind using soapy water, sponge and a squeegee to clean your windows, window vacs are the bees knees in achieving sparkling clean panes. There are plenty of designs on the market to choose at a price that will suit you.

Window vacs are used for cleaning windows and can also be used for removing condensation from mirrors, tiles and shower cubicles, in fact they can be used to suck up water on most smooth surfaces. They work in the same way as a vacuum cleaner does, and are efficient to use, without leaving streaks and smudges. If you have large glass areas to clean such as conservatory glass and patio doors, window vacs are ideal. They are quick at removing condensation, so are a great little tool for preventing mould, suitable for use in your home and for cleaning car windows.

Window vacs give better results than traditional methods of window cleaning, and they are more compact than having a dehumidifier in your home. Here is a look at the top 5 window vacs today, based on ease of use, value for money and the quality of results.

Best vacs on the block

1. Vileda WindowMatic – a cordless, lightweight model – with a flexible head that is great for fitting into small spaces like the corners of your windows. The neck is also flexible which allows you to adjust it to the angle you need, and will automatically adapt to the pressure being used. This model leaves great results on glass and mirrors – leaving them streak free and shiny, without the need for buffing the windows to dry. The WindowMatic can be used for sucking up spillages on smooth flat surfaces. The vac is fitted with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged at the mains and has a runtime of around 30 minutes. This is a handy little gadget and a cheaper alternative to the KÄRCHER models.

2. KÄRCHER WV50 – This is a versatile and portable model, with additional accessories – that give great results. The WV50 leaves streak free sparkling windows every time. Ideal for sucking up condensation in your kitchen and bathroom on tiles, glass and mirrors and also cleaning up small spillages on smooth surfaces. This model is lightweight, has a rechargeable ion battery and mains charger giving a runtime of around 45 minutes. The WV50 comes with a 2 year warranty.

3. KÄRCHERWV2, 2nd Generation – The WV2, 2nd generation is 10% smaller than the previous model. It has a quieter motor and is less expensive; it also has an improved battery life. This model is slim line and compact and gives great results. This model comes with a 12 month warranty. Alexandra Campbell who blogs at ‘The Middle-Sized Garden’, tested the WV2 model saying, “I used the WV2. It cleaned the windows to sparkling in just over 10 seconds. In a four window potting shed, this may not sound like a big saving, but if you have a greenhouse, that’s a lot of glass to clean.”

4. KÄRCHER WV5 Premium 2nd Generation – This is the semi-professional version and is more expensive. This model includes accessories such as suction head, spray bottle, detergent and cloth in a box. The WV5 premium 2nd generation is more powerful than any of the other models, and has a quieter motor. It has a run time of 35 minutes and gives professional results.

5. KÄRCHER WV2 Premium 2nd Generation – This is an enhanced version of the WV2 2nd generation. This model has a complete cleaning system included with it. This vac is much lighter than the original version with an improved battery life and performance. The premium 2nd generation gives outstanding results on glass, windows and tiles. And is great value for money.

Things to think about when choosing your window vac

The main things to consider are 0 portability, run time, charge time, accessories and price. There will be something out there that will suit your needs and your budget. All in all, window vacs are a great little gadget that makes an easier task of cleaning your glass and mirrors.