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Although popular in the USA, storm doors are rare in the UK. They actually offer a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to facing the harsh weather conditions found in so many states. In this post, we take a closer look at the storm door and share our predictions on whether UK homeowners are likely to adopt them in the future.

What exactly is a storm door?

According to this blog post from ReviewsWorthy, the definition of a storm door is as follows:

“A storm door is a type of door which is installed in front of the main access door to protect it from harsh weather conditions and to provide proper ventilation. These doors consist of interchangeable glass frame and window screen panels.”

Storm doors are the door of choice in many other countries, particularly for people living in places with changeable weather conditions. Glazed, wood-framed doors are unsuitable in these sorts of climates, with atmospheric changes often compromising the durability of the door and failing to deliver adequate ventilation during periods of harsh weather. The US Department of Energy recommends the use of storm doors over insulated alternatives.

How do homes benefit from storm door installation?

In the right climate, storm doors unlock a bevy of benefits. These advantages can be harnessed for the long term thanks to the average lifespan of a new storm door being up to 50 years. The materials used and the quality of the finished product will influence this lifespan, however.

Storm doors are an inexpensive way to protect exterior doors and are popular fixtures on the front and back doors of many homes throughout the US. Many people have tried and failed to protect their exterior doors with specially formulated stains, paints and other treatments that claim to deliver protection against wind and debris.

Storm doors are a worthy defence and actively reduce the cost of maintenance whilst increasing the longevity of the door being protected. Storm doors have also been proven to increase energy efficiency by limiting door draughts, keep pests (particularly flying insects) at bay, and improve home security.

Will storm doors ever become popular in the UK?

The cooler weather and limited number of flying pests makes the use of storm doors unnecessary in the UK. Our homes benefit more from the use of insulated front and back doors. Our ventilation requirements are also not on par with homes situated in many areas of the USA, with the opening of a window often enough to breathe a bit of fresh air into a room. That being said, storm doors mean less maintenance, a plus point regardless of the country.

Which other door options are available?

If you are looking to replace your front door, you may be shocked by the variety of choices available on the upgrade market. As a leading supplier of new, high-quality doors, we provide a number of traditional and contemporary door designs to choose from. Our customers can also personalise their doors further by selecting colour, frames, glass design and door furniture. Our specialism in high security doors is another aspect that sets us apart from our competitors.

Upgrading your doors to a modern, composite design ensures you can embrace a great look, better security and minimal maintenance of your home. Browse our full range of doors today or get in touch with our team direct to discuss your requirements.