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Many of us can appreciate the need for space in the home. In fact, a lot of us wish we had more space to play with. With our busy everyday lives, our rooms can easily become cluttered and disorganised. This is especially true if you work long hours or have a large family. The good news is you can easily save space in each room by accessorising your doors. Here are a few ideas, to get you started.

Bathroom door storage

Towel rails take up valuable space on your bathroom walls. In small bathrooms they create ‘visual clutter’ and also protrude into the room. Instead of attaching your towel rail to the wall, this space can be utilised for other purposes. As blogger Listotic advocates in one of her posts:

Don’t forget about the tiny space behind your doors! It’s perfect for hanging towels without taking up any of the space on your walls. How’s that for a tiny bathroom hack!?”

When the room is empty, simply leave the door open and the rail will stay out of sight. When the room is in use, close the door for easy access to your towels. Another option is to hang a shoe holder made of canvas pockets on the back of the door. Rather than towels, this could store bathroom products like soap, shampoo, or conditioner. This will free up space around your bath or shower.

Cupboard utensil holders

When you’re thinking about interior doors, don’t forget about the cupboards. These are a great place to install extra storage. Try hanging storage containers on the inside of your kitchen cupboards. This will allow you to store things like utensils, pan lids, and even ingredients. Not only will this give you easy access to items during cooking, it will also free up counter space. This in turn will help to keep your kitchen feeling clutter free.

Hidden paperwork

Paper is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to creating a messy home. Whether it’s an office, sitting room, or kitchen, loose papers make a space feel disorganised. This is another area where cupboard doors can be utilised. Try sticking folders to the inside of your doors. These can store things like takeaway menus and instruction manuals for your appliances. You could also tape meal planners and menus to your doors, for easy reference. Another option is to fix a small post rack inside your cupboard door. This will keep your letters tidy and out of sight.

Front door shoe rack

Nothing makes an entryway look messy like having shoes all over the floor. Hang a shoe rack on the inside of your front door to keep the space looking tidy. This way your shoes will always be right there when you need them. It will also encourage you to store them properly, when you return home. As a bonus, keeping your shoes off the floor makes them less likely to get squashed, lost, or trodden on.

Wardrobe door accessories

Save space in your bedroom by storing your accessories in the wardrobe. Try fixing some curtain rings to the inside of your wardrobe door. These can be used to hang neckties, headscarves, or belts. You could also use a row of small coat hooks to hang jewellery, bags, or purses. As well as saving space on storage, this will also make it easy to see what you own. As a result, you’ll probably end up using more of your accessories than ever before!

[Photo by auttiedot]