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Adding a single-storey extension to your home is an affordable and effective way of increasing your living space and improving the usability of your property.

As @RealHomes says, “Adding an extension is also an effective way of increasing your home’s value, and is likely a cheaper solution than moving house.”

If you’re thinking about adding a single-storey extension to your home and need a little design inspiration, here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started.

Dining space

If you don’t currently have a dedicated dining space, you can use your single-storey extension to create a stunning eating area. Ideally, your new dining space will connect directly to your kitchen. This makes it easier to get plates, food and drinks to the table.

However, don’t worry too much if this isn’t possible. Link your new dining area to your garden using bi-fold doors to create a spectacular indoor-outdoor entertainment space.


Building a playroom will allow you to keep all your kids’ toys in one place and create a space that’s just for them. A conservatory can easily be turned into a fun, safe, and stylish play area.

You’ll need to make sure the room is well insulated and protected from the sun to prevent it becoming too hot or too cold. As your conservatory will open up onto your garden, your kids will be able to move easily from inside to out to make the most of their new play space.

Home office

If you work from home, creating a dedicated office space will help you to focus and to create a little differentiation between your home and work life. Home offices can be installed in conservatories and orangeries as well as in other single-storey extensions.

If you want to use your extension as an office, try to ensure it’s slightly separate from the rest of your ground floor. This will make it easier to close the door on your work at the end of the day.


If you’ve run out of bedrooms for your kids, need to give an older child their own space or want to create an accessible guest room, a single-storey extension could be the perfect option.

Putting a bedroom in your single-storey extension will make it easy for older people to use the space and will give your guests, or your teenagers, the privacy they need.

Hobby room

A hobby room is a great use for your single-storey extension. This will allow you to keep all of the tools and accessories you need for your crafts, arts, or other hobbies in one place and keep clutter in the rest of your home to a minimum.

Conservatories and orangeries can easily be used as hobby rooms. This gives you an affordable and hassle-free way to add a bit of extra space to your home.

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