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How to improve the security of your home this Christmas

Looking forward to Christmas this year? We’re sure you are, but you’re not the only one. The festive season can prove one of the most lucrative times for burglars. 

There are lots of expensive gifts lying around, after all. We’re also out a lot at this time of year, attending parties and family get-togethers. The Halifax Home Insurance company says the chances of you getting broken into this time of year are 35% higher than the rest of the year.

So, what can you do to protect your home from thieves? Well, here’s a list of security tips it’s definitely worth paying attention to:

Windows and doors

Check all the locks on your windows and doors are working properly and don’t need changing. If they are ok, remember to close your windows when going out (even if you’re just popping to the neighbours for a cuppa). Consider investing in a deadlock if you only have a Yale lock on your front and back door.

Keep presents well hidden

 It’s not only the kids you have to keep away from the gifts. Burglars might not be able to resist them either. So, instead of piling them up under the tree in the front window, lock them in a cupboard. 

Don’t keep calendars in public view

Most of us have a wall calendar in our kitchen or home office for jotting down reminders of appointments and dates.If that calendar can be seen from a window, then a potential thief will know exactly when you’re out, and your house will be empty – giving them the perfect opportunity to rob you.

@guardian: “Former policewoman Toni Frost says: “Check the weather forecast while you are away. If leaves or snowfall aren’t cleared from your doorstep, this can be a sign that no one has been going in and out of the door.”

Be savvy on social media

Similarly, don’t share information about upcoming festive breaks or parties on your Twitter or Facebook page. Again, it’s letting thieves know no one is around to stop them from breaking and entering.

Embrace technology

These days it’s possible to monitor your home remotely via CCTV cameras. That way, you can instantly alert the police if you see anyone loitering around your property. Even a fake camera can be a useful deterrent in many cases.

Pretend you’re still at home

And talking of technology, Alexa can help while you’re out by barking like a dog. Just switch her on remotely now and again via free guard dog skill. No burglar is going to want to enter once they hear that bark. Another trick along these lines is to leave an ironing board up with a pile of clothes on it, so it looks as if you’ve just popped into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

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Here at Unicorn Windows, we sell a range of windows and doors with secure locking systems to prevent thieves from breaking into your home all year round.