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Home security is an important priority for any homeowner, but for those who live in a postcode where burglaries are prolific, it can be even more of a worry. If you’ve ever been burgled, you’ll know that the loss of material possessions can be extremely unpleasant. Many victims of break-ins also report that the psychological aspect of having their home invaded can be far worse and longer-lasting. For this reason, it’s important to put preventative measures in place to keep your home safe from thieves. Fortunately, there are many such products available on the market today.


The doors of your home are the most common point of entry for thieves, so securing them is essential. Installing a mortice lock on the front door of your property is standard procedure. However, many homeowners neglect to do the same on their backdoor, which tends to be more prone to break-ins. You should aim to fit the locks at 90º to the grain of the wood to prevent the door from splitting when external pressure is applied to it. It’s also beneficial to regularly check whether the hinges of your door are properly installed and have not come loose. Maintaining home security, even on older installations, is as important as updating your security installations.

It’s important to note that patio doors are slightly different. These require a multi-point locking system installation to maximise security. The one problem with this type of locking system is that if you fail to engage it, then it will not work. Always remember to have your wits about you when you leave the house. If you have just moved into a new house, change all the locks on the doors – it’s better to be safe than sorry! The same also applies when you lose your door keys.


Experienced thieves are excellent at determining if a property is an easy burglary target, so it’s important to ensure your property does not fall into this category. There are a number of ways you can make your home less of a target. Outdoor lighting and CCTV cameras are one great way of deterring thieves. However, if this is not possible, trimming the bushes and plants outdoors to create a clear view from the road to your property can help to make your home less inviting. Thieves do not want to be visible while committing crimes!

Having a watch dog helps to deter thieves, but even putting up a sign saying “Beware of the dog” can do wonders for crime prevention! Additionally, installing a security alarm in your home is a must. As another step, it pays to befriend your neighbours and have them keep a watchful eye over your property. This is especially pertinent if you’re going away. If you aren’t going to be in the home for a prolonged period of time, having neighbours pick up the post will help to prevent your home from looking vacant.


Windows represent another significant entry point to thieves. In addition to making your house appear as if it is occupied (even when it isn’t), closing and locking your windows is of paramount importance. Single-glazed glass is far easier to break, so it pays to have double or even triple glazing as a security measure.

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