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How to prevent heat loss from your home now and save money in the long run

With energy costs on the rise – and looking to get even higher next year – many of us are pulling out all the stops to cut back on heating our homes this winter. 

Wearing layers of clothing and making sure we remember to close doors behind us as we enter a room can only go so far. As well as updating our heating so that it’s easy for us to just heat one room at a time, there are major changes we can make to our homes that will definitely cut back on our heat loss. Not only that, but it will make what heat we’re already paying for work even harder for us. 

The way to do this is to replace all single glazing in our home with double glazing and to re-roof your conservatory (if you already have an older-style version).

Double glazing for improved heat retention

Up to a quarter of all heat in the home can be lost through the windows if your current set is single-glazed. That’s because they’ll let the heat escape through gaps. In turn, cold will seep through into your room. If you already have double glazing, then make sure it’s not more than 25 years old – as that’s around the time it becomes inefficient and requires changing. 

This varies though – windows that are north-facing will be subject to colder and damp air, while those in the south are exposed far more readily to strong sunshine. As a result, north-facing and south-facing windows may not last as long as those fitted facing east and west.

Double glazing reduces condensation during the winter months and the heat from strong sunshine during summer. Other benefits include a smaller carbon footprint for your home, as well as less maintenance for yourself. It also leads to less noise from outside and added security for you and your family.

@TheEcoExperts: “Whatever kind of home you have, however long you’re planning on staying there, and no matter how many windows you want to replace, double glazing is certainly worth it.”

Conservatory re-roofing for thermal insulation

If your conservatory is too hot in summer and freezing in winter, then it’s time to get a new roof. These days, roofs tend to be tiled, solid (although it’s possible to have Velux windows, or similar, added) and, most importantly, thermally insulated.

Once you have your new roof fitted, you will be able to use your conservatory comfortably all year round. So, it’s just like having another room in your home added – a room you can use as an office, for instance, a dining room, a playroom for the kids or a chill-out room for you and your partner once the kids have gone to bed.

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