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Pick the perfect colour for your windows using these top tips

When it comes to choosing new windows there is the style to consider, as well as the type ie double or triple glazing. But, more importantly, is the colour. 

There are so many fantastic shades around today – from battleship, agate, graphite or squirrel grey to olive, khaki and plantation green.

And, when it comes to making a decision, it’s a biggie because those windows are going to be there for at least a couple of decades. Of course, if you have timber frames you can sand and repaint them whenever you feel like it. But that’s quite a task, so it’s always better to get the right shade in the first place. 

Note too that uPVC windows aren’t easy to repaint at all. Although, there are new products on the market that can help.

@HouzzUK: “If you have white uPVC windows and you don’t want to replace them, but fancy a change of colour, there are now specialist materials that will allow you to paint your uPVC window frames. 

“If painting them isn’t something you feel confident tackling yourself, search online for a specialist company to do it – most use spray paint to get the best finish.”

Meanwhile, we’ve compiled this quick window frame painting guide to help you choose your ideal colour:

Style trends

Black and grey window frames are very popular today – especially in modern New Build homes. They tend to be used to contrast with white brickwork, rather than coordinate. 

Period properties

If your home is Tudor, Georgian or Victorian you may want to keep the frames in historical context. Tudor homes tended to have black window frames, for instance, while early Georgian window frames were white. Later Georgian frames were brown or grey. Fashions had changed again by the Victorian period where window frames then tended to be more an off-white or cream colour.

Interior choice

You don’t have to opt for the same colour on the inside of your windows as you do the exterior – especially when you are deciding on timber window frames. Then it’s possible to have any colour you like on the inside in keeping with your interior décor and colour scheme. 

If you do choose a darker shade indoors, it can accentuate the view from your windows by ‘framing’ it nicely.

A nice coordinating idea is to keep the window frames the same shade as your wooden flooring. This could involve painting them white or with a matching wood stain or varnish.

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