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Introducing our full range of window designs

With countless window designs available, finding the right product for your upcoming window replacement isn’t an easy decision. Here at Unicorn Windows, we deliver a full range of window designs suitable for period and modern properties alike.

Our team work with you every step of the way to ensure you not only benefit from high quality, energy-efficient window products but enjoy a smooth, cost effective and timely installation process. Picking the perfect windows for your property is not only your route to better performance and an improved feature, it can also make your living conditions much brighter as explained in this article from Ideal Home:

“Natural light is often overlooked as a building material, despite its ability to transform a space. The type and size of windows you choose, and – if you’re building or extending – where you choose to place them, can completely alter the way that a room looks and feels. Your windows can take a space anywhere from cosy and cocooning to light and airy…or even practically into the great outdoors (hello picture windows). Window styles vary from classic sash, casement and slider, to picture and roof options. Each will have a different impact on the space they are located in so, when picking windows think about what feel you’re after.”

To make your window design choice as easy as possible, we’ve put together a guide to our three most popular window designs. Read on to discover the difference between each window design we deliver as well as which design will work for you, your property and your budget.

Box sash vertical sliding windows

Our box sash vertical sliding windows are a fitting choice for those looking to maintain a traditional appearance or to add some country charm to their property. Whilst these sliding sash windows provide an authentic look and feel, customers selecting this window design will also enjoy all the modern benefits that go hand-in-hand with window replacement.

Unlike traditional timber box sash windows, our sash style eliminates common problems like rotting, warping and twisting. Customers can also choose from a fantastic range of colours, finishes and glazing options to turn their vision into a reality. The sliding mechanism of our sash windows is another helpful addition with its tilt and lift motion making them highly practical and easy to maintain.

Are they right for me?

Our box sash vertical sliding windows are most suited to cottages, and period Georgian and Victorian homes. However, don’t be deterred if you have a home of a different style or period. Our sash windows are great matches for modern properties too.

Tilt / turn open-in windows

Our tilt / turn open-in windows provide enhanced security, energy efficiency and design flexibility, as well as a striking look that can be customised to your unique requirements. Our tilt / turn open-in design is a low maintenance window option, ideal for modern living.

Are they right for me?

This modern style of window design is a great option for contemporary homes, particularly those looking to complement bi-fold or sliding doors.

Open-out casement windows

Our open-out casement windows provide a sleek and attractive look as well as many energy efficient and security plus points. A bestselling design, these windows provide a great profile for older properties as well as new builds. Again, our open-out casement windows are available in a selection of colours, finishes and glazing options, and can be top hung or side hung depending on your preference.

In terms of ventilation, open-out casement windows provide excellent advantages and deliver openings for fresh air to flow in whilst producing a light and airy feel indoors.

Are they right for me?

A great window design choice for owners or developers of modern homes, our open-out casement windows complement a more minimalist look and feel. This window design is commonly seen on properties constructed after the 1950s.

Choosing replacement windows takes time and consideration but our specialists are on hand to make your decision even easier.