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Monkey’s make great guttering cleaners

There are many ways to clearing guttering, but who would have ever thought that monkey’s make great guttering cleaners. Well, according to a company in Croydon, they are the most superb at clearing guttering.

This time of year it’s a nightmare to rid gardens, paths and guttering of fallen autumn leaves, and if left alone they can of course cause major damage to walls. Using devices like balls of chicken wire to block the hole can help keep out some debris, but it won’t stop the sludge and dirt slipping down the drainpipe. Our post today poses an interesting theory.

Is it time to abandon the more conventional methods such as, ladder and trowel etc, and invest in a pet monkey?

The tale of the monkey

The transition from pet monkey to gutter cleaner isn’t exactly a conventional one, so we set about delving into the story. A South London gutter cleaning company had been successfully trading for over 20 years, maintaining, repairing and clearing gutters. Having began their trade utilising ladders and rods, they eventually progressed to using vacuum equipment, clearing the guttering from the ground.

The company’s owner had a friend who owned a pet capuchin monkey called Tricky and asked him to look after the monkey while he went on holiday. Although the owner felt rather apprehensive, he had always found the monkey friendly and was given a crash course in how to care for him. It’s a well known fact that all monkeys are intelligent, and after watching a documentary on how this particular breed of monkeys was being used in the USA to help quadriplegics, it made ‘Tricky sitting’ seem even more exciting.

One day whilst out on a job clearing the guttering on a 3 bedroom house, the workforce took a break and didn’t notice Tricky sneak out of the van and follow them when they went back to finish the job.

As they revved up the vacuum gutter cleaning equipment, the monkey raced up the drainpipe where he began scooping up the leaves blocking the drain and tossing them to the floor. This continued, especially when Tricky was rewarded with his favourite treat, walnuts. The monkey became such a star turn posing for customer selfies, that the company then got their own monkey, Tumbler to help out on jobs. This doesn’t mean that the ‘only way to clean your guttering’ is with a monkey, but it would certainly brighten up the day.

Keeping a monkey as a pet

Not everybody would think of a monkey as a household pet, but, believe it or not, they are becoming ever more popular. There are many factors to consider before going down this route however, and it’s vital that you learn the recommended ways to care for the animal.

Although it is as easy to buy a pet monkey in Britain as it is to purchase a goldfish,  there are many places where you can learn the humanitarian way to keep these animals as pets. And if you do decide a monkey is for you, make sure you keep a big stash of walnuts as payment for clearing those gutters.