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How to make your sash windows open and close more easily

As well as looking great, sash windows unlock a number of advantages for homeowners wishing to embrace a stylish window upgrade. Sash windows are a particularly good fit for those living in Victorian and Georgian properties. In recent years, more contemporary homes have embraced this window design.

Unfortunately, Incorrect maintenance and overdue repairs can quickly lead to problems with sash windows. Without the right care, it’s common for sash windows to become difficult to open and close. In some cases, sash windows won’t stay open at all. But these issues can be fixed!

As leading installers of PVC-U sash windows, we supply this stunning, traditionally inspired design with the modern convenience of easy maintenance. In addition to fitting new windows, our experts are renowned for their window care tips. In this blog post, we share the best advice on how to fix a sash window that won’t open or close correctly so you can continue to enjoy this iconic window design.

Check your window’s balance

Sash windows are designed to counteract gravity in order to open and close. This means that any disruption to the window’s balance system is detrimental to the opening and closing mechanism. Despite the sash window’s classic and elegant design, the window uses a sophisticated system to transfer the weight of the window for easy opening and closing. Sash windows rely on small devices called balance shoes, which once disengaged from the frame will prevent the window from staying open.

Professional inspection and repair is recommended in the instance of disengaged balance shoes or broken components that may have resulted in the frame slipping out of alignment.

Keep window care high on the agenda

Whilst easy to care for, many forget to complete basic, periodic maintenance when it comes to their sash windows. As with any window type, the opening and closing mechanism needs a little help to remain fluid. Both PVC-U and timber sash windows require cleaning and lubrication to stay in tip top condition.

A key thing to remember is to avoid overpainting your sash window. Sticking windows are often caused by overpainting, swollen frames, loose joints or seized pulley systems. Building Conservation offers some great tips for painting and draught-proofing sash windows.

Know when it’s time to replace

Refurbishing and repairing existing sash windows is the preferred option for many homeowners. However, it’s important to know the signs when a window is in need of replacement. For those looking to replace timber sash windows with an easier to maintain, energy efficient option, PVC-U sash windows may provide the answer. As Real Homes puts it:

“If the windows are in a particularly poor condition and your key priorities for upgrading are to improve thermal efficiency or reduce external noise, then a new design could be a better long-term solution. If you want to maintain your home’s character, however, it’s important to replace like for like.”

Replacing your sash windows is simple with Unicorn Windows. We deliver a number of authentic, high quality designs that complement traditional and contemporary properties alike. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.