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5 ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers

With uncertainty over Brexit making buyers nervous, and further interest rate rises on the horizon, a lot of homeowners are finding it difficult to sell their properties quickly. Even the most desirable homes are sitting on the market for months, with many homeowners slashing their asking price in order to attract interest.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, taking steps to make it as attractive as possible now will help to ensure it achieves its asking price and is snapped up quickly. To help you get your home the attention it deserves, we’re taking a look at five of the most effective ways to make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

1. Give your front door a facelift

Kerb appeal is incredibly important when it comes to selling your home quickly. According to @HouseBeautiful, “Nearly a third of Brits are willing to pay 25 per cent more for a house with a fresh lick of paint to the front door and brickwork.” Replacing your old and tired front door with an energy efficient new one could add even more value to your property and make it more desirable.

2. Replace old windows

Like doors, windows have a big impact on kerb appeal. If yours are old, rickety, or broken, it will put potential buyers off and could cause your property to languish on the market for months. If, on the other hand, you replace your old windows with energy-efficient new ones, buyers are likely to see this as a real plus point and it could even encourage some to make an offer.

3. Conservatory refurb

A conservatory can be a real asset to a property. Giving homeowners more living space and providing them with a comfortable and stylish place to relax and socialise, a conservatory could help your home get snapped up fast. Before you put your home on the market, invest in a refurb and get your conservatory looking as good as possible.

4. Tidy up your front garden

A clean, tidy front garden will help your home to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Rip out any weeds that are cluttering the space, cut your grass and place a some pots around the front door. A few statement plants will go a long way, so why not invest in some large trees or other impressive greenery.

5. Declutter

Last but definitely not least, declutter your home before potential buyers come round to view it. The fewer family photos, ornaments and mementos you have around the space, the easier it will be for potential buyers to visualise the property as their own. What’s more, the less clutter you have lying around, the larger and airier your home will feel, two things that always go down well with buyers.

Find out more about improving the kerb appeal of your property by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.