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5 decor ideas to make your conservatory useable all year round

One place where windows are guaranteed to bring in plenty of light is in your conservatory. If you’re lucky enough to have one then make sure you get full year-round use from it.

Don’t be one of those households who use the conservatory during the spring and summer months for the sunshine – but use it as a storeroom during the winter months.

Hopefully, the following ideas will give you some clever conservatory inspiration.

Keep it light for summer

Make the most of the airy and light feel in your conservatory during the warm, long summer months by introducing light rattan furniture.

Yes, the same type of lightweight table and chairs you’d put out on a patio. That way you’ll still feel as if you’re sitting outside, while inside.

White is alright

Sticking with a light, summer feel, keep the furniture in your conservatory painted in neutral shades, such as white or beige. That way it will reflect the bright sunshine better and make the space appear even larger.

Have box window seats all around the windows for cosy seating so that when you or your guests are sitting there you will be making the most of the sun’s warm rays.

Give it a contemporary look

If your kitchen has a contemporary industrial design look, then why not extend it to the conservatory as well?

That means using plenty of reclaimed wood for tables and chairs and adding ornaments in a variety of metals, such as copper, bronze, and gold.

Introduce some concrete too, if you can, in the form of lamp bases or a tabletop. To add further interest, make sure the light fitting is a revamped vintage fire extinguisher or something equally as bizarre.

Bring drama with black

You could always go for something completely different to the light airy conservatory feel by creating the opposite.

By that we mean paint the wood black, introduce dark furniture and fabrics then add elegance with gold accents and quality fabrics.

This is the kind of conservatory that is heaven to spend time in when it feels humid outside. Remember to add in air conditioning and plenty of green potted plants too – especially tropical varieties.

Believe in Boho

Find some weird, colourful paintings to sit on the floor, casually leaning against the walls of your conservatory. Next, adorn the furniture with bright tapestry throws and colourful cushions.

Go OTT with greenery (with plants hanging from the rafters as well as sitting in big pot plants in corners). Introduce some wacky ornaments. There – now your conservatory is somewhere you go to get creative all year round.

Introduce winter warmth

If it’s a particularly cold winter we’re leading up to then why not add curtains to your conservatory windows?

@Catharina Björkman says: “It’s tempting to choose heavy, dark winter curtains, but for longevity, choose a neutral colour that will work all year round. Soft greys, warm yellows or soothing greys all work well. If possible, choose floor-to-ceiling options to retain the most heat, these can be tied back in summer as well.”

Put down a big shag pile rug or two while you’re at it, as well as plenty of scatter cushions and throws. That way it’ll at least look cosy – even if you haven’t quite gotten around to getting heaters in there yet.

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