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5 reasons to opt for a LivinRoof system on your conservatory

You are guaranteed as much light and brightness as possible in your conservatory when you order a LivinRoof system. 

That’s because it combines glazing panels with solid roofing seamlessly, allowing the light to radiate down to where you and your family are sitting. You can have the entire roof fitted with glazing panels or, then again, maybe you would prefer just one or two lighting panels. 

Whatever you decide, the choice is very much yours. It’s this flexibility that makes the LivinRoof system one of our most popular conservatory sellers. But its flexibility isn’t the only big plus that this new roofing system offers. There are certainly other benefits, and we’ve listed them for you here below:

Easy installation and less mess

Fast and simple to install compared to other types of conservatory roofing, the LivinRoof is prefabricated so there is no time-consuming cutting to be done onsite. This guarantees a far quicker and more convenient installation process. In other words, there is less mess and a quicker build overall.

Better insulation and lower bills

The LivinRoof guarantees all-year-round warmth, thanks to its superior insulation in the pelmet and exterior panel. Not only that but you have the heat from the sun shining through too. It’s a great way to keep your utility bills down.

Great design to be proud of

Because it’s made from glass panels and aluminium or composite panels it looks great too. There is a minimalist, clean-lined look and the panels – in a contemporary grey shade – add a touch of style. Combine this with its vaulted roof and pelmet on which lights can be added and you really have something special to wow your friends and neighbours with.

Controlled lighting by you

Regardless of the size or shape of your roof, the LivinRoof system can be adapted to suit – even if your current conservatory is low-pitched or in a lean-to style. It also means inserting glazing wherever you feel the light would be best served. In other words, you effectively choose the design.

Super safety record

You will, of course, be delighted to learn that our LivinRoof has been tested extensively to ensure it meets current fire safety standards. It means you can relax, knowing your family is perfectly safe should the unthinkable happen and a fire starts in your home.

Not only that but it’s also very much structurally secure thanks to its ability to cope with harsh winds and snow dumps. And the fact it’s so light – weighing just 36km2 – means there is less pressure on the frames of your conservatory too.

Get in touch today

So, are you persuaded yet? Certainly, here at Unicorn Windows, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to offer such a state-of-the-art and flexible roofing system to our customers.

If you’ve been thinking of having a new extension recently or even upgrading your old one, then a LivinRoof could prove to be the perfect solution. To find out more, get in touch with one of the team here at Unicorn Windows, tel: 0800 092 5212.