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4 New Year resolutions for your windows

As New Year arrives, people all over the country are making resolutions. Perhaps you’re planning to eat more healthily in 2016. Maybe you’ve finally vowed to stop smoking. Why not include some good intentions for your home as well? Here are four resolutions to keep your windows in great condition this year…

  1. Maintain them well

This year, be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your windows. A great way of doing this is by running regular maintenance checks. Look for damage to the frames and the windowpanes themselves. You can also check for draughts, where the two meet.

A good tip is to schedule these checks well in advance. Mark them in your calendar now, so you don’t have to keep remembering throughout the year. If you have a smartphone, you could even add a notification to remind you when a check is due. Checking regularly will help you spot problems quickly, preventing them from worsening and costing you more in repairs.

  1. Give them a makeover

Even the most beautiful décor can feel a bit ‘tired’ if it’s around for too long. To keep things feeling fresh, try switching up your curtains once in awhile. One option is to change your fabrics with the seasons. Consider using light pastel colours in spring, bold patterns in summer, and neutral tones in autumn.

During the winter you could opt for something extra cosy like crushed velvet or suede. Hanging new curtains will also give you the opportunity to dust or wash your previous ones. This will ensure they’re ready to go when their turn comes back around.

  1. Clean them regularly

The quickest way to breathe new life into your windows is to give them a good clean. Don’t wait for spring to arrive before you reach for the bucket and sponge. Cleaning your windows regularly will help to keep the dirt and grime to a minimum all year round. As well as making them look nice, this will also help to let more light into your home.

If you’d like to clean them yourself, there are lots of great tips online. If you’re short on time, or your windows are hard to reach, you could hire some professionals to get the job done. Either way, make sure to include the areas around the widows, such as the latches, frames, and sills.

  1. Keep them secure

One of the most important features of a window is its security. That’s why it’s important to make sure your security features are up to scratch. A good place to start is by regularly checking the locks. The maintenance tests mentioned above will also help in quickly highlighting any potential problems.

You could also look into installing additional security features, if required. The best features for your home will depend on the style of doors and windows you’ve had fitted. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask a reputable professional for advice before making a purchase.

[Photo by unsplash]