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Keeping your conservatory cool in a heatwave

It’s not often the words “Britain” and “heatwave” are found in the same sentence, but with the soaring temperatures we are experiencing right now, it’s a good time to look at how to keep your conservatory cool in a heatwave.

Enjoying the warmth of a sun splashed room is the reason many people choose to relax in their conservatory, but when the heat is uncomfortably intense it becomes the absolute paradox of comfortable.

Along with the warnings from Dr Huw Stacey, director of clinical services at Vets4Pets, who has warned, “owners must also remember to never leave their pet in a conservatory”- we shall look at the ways and means of keeping conservatory heat down to a tolerable level, even when it’s unusually intolerable outside!


Blinds are perfect for locking heat and privacy in as well as keeping heat and prying eyes out, so hanging them all year round in your conservatory makes good sense. We have already seen what a wide range of blinds are available for windows with the:

  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Roman
  • Cellular
  • Vertical

But there is a specific type of blind that meets all the needs for conservatories: the fitted blind. Choose from the:

  • Pleated concertina type
  • Roller blind
  • Venetian made from wood, PVC and aluminium
  • Specialised material technology -SPC® which filters light and minimises glare
  • Remote control
  • French pinoleum – a classic woven wood that is perfect for orangeries

The fitted blind is built into the window frame offering a precise, snug fitting and free movement of window mechanism.

Pivotally placed fans

If you don’t have a ceiling fan installed, and can’t get one, then place a few free standing fans in areas that will offer the optimum benefit to circulating the air. Be careful of small children and animals and place out of reach if necessary!

Placing water

Place vases or jugs of water around the room so as to keep the air moist. Take care to place these away from electrical equipment and remember to check regularly and top up when necessary.

Sun umbrella

Place in areas to offer shade to tables, chairs, plants and other vulnerable hot spots. Placing an umbrella outside the windows will also keep the room in partial shade and the inflowing air cooler.


Placing a gazebo or small marquee in front of the conservatory door will cool the entering air and bring the interior temperature down. It also offers excellent shading.


Although we are a nation that isn’t exactly ‘au fait’ with the concept of air-conditioning, there sometimes comes a time when extreme measures are required. If the notion of a tiled conservatory has you reaching for the panic alarm, then a failsafe method of cooling a room down is the only way forward.

Air-conditioning units are expensive to install and expensive to run, but the benefits are numerous. It is the most effective means of maintaining a good temperature in the conservatory and many systems can now be used as a dual purpose heater in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Whatever method you use to survive the heatwave, make sure it’s safe, secure and gives you the freedom to enjoy your conservatory for your playroom, gym, office, dining area or other use.

For any advice on conservatories please feel free to contact one of our experts.