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5 innovative uses for your conservatory

Conservatories are not only an excellent way to add more living space to your home. They’re  also incredibly effective if you’re looking to drive up the value of your property for when the time comes to sell. Historically, conservatories were introduced for the purpose of growing citrus trees; the abundance of glass provides the plants with an abundance of sunlight, and protects them from the elements. Whilst growing citrus fruits is still a popular pastime among many conservatory owners, conservatories also have many other potential uses. Here’s just five innovative ways that you can put your conservatory to new uses.

1 – Dining area

Using your conservatory as a place to eat dinner in the evening or breakfast in the morning is particularly popular with homeowners; hence, many orangeries take the form of kitchen extensions. Being able to admire your garden while soaking up the natural sunlight is a truly wonderful way to enjoy a meal. However, unlike sitting in your garden, you don’t have to worry about battling the elements!

2 – Studio

For those with creative interests, a conservatory can be an excellent studio for creating works of art. Nature has been a source of inspiration for some of the greatest creative minds in history; so if you have a beautiful garden, what better place to get your creative juices flowing than your conservatory? The natural light of a conservatory can also be highly beneficial for any visual art, particularly painting. It’s also a good place to store your equipment without cluttering up the rest of the house.

3 – Children’s play area

As every parent knows, children are messy and love to leave their toys lying around the house for you to stumble on! By giving your child a bright well-lit play area, they can have all the fun they want without turning your house upside-down.

4 – Gym

Gym equipment is notoriously bulky and difficult to store. Unless you have a designated room, it’s difficult to avoid having your gym equipment clutter up your house. By turning your gym into a conservatory, you can not only work out to your heart’s content;you can also soak up some sun-rays and get a tan at the same time! If you want to look your best, using your conservatory to workout makes a lot of sense. When working out in the sun, just be careful of UV exposure and remember to drink lots of water.

5 – Office

If you work from home, then you know that separating your work and play can sometimes be difficult. Since the conservatory can be perceived as an extension of your garden rather than your house, a conservatory provides the perfect place for you to focus and get your work done – without isolating you from the  comfort of the rest of your home once you’re finished. Sitting at a desk typing on a computer can often be a dull, monotonous experience. With the sun in your face and the sight of the outdoors only meters away, it might just make your work day a little more cheerful!

Bespoke conservatories

At Unicorn Windows we understand that the requirements of our clients are paramount. That’s why all of our conservatories are bespoke to cater to your exact needs. Whether you want a conservatory to admire nature and soak up the sun, or if you’re simply looking to increase the living space of your home and improve its value, we can design and deliver a conservatory that you and your family will love. For more information about our conservatories, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.