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Mini guide to choosing the right doors

One of the integral features of your home, your doors can have a big impact on your interior and exterior décor. Like @houzz remarks, “Like trim or molding, most doors go fairly unnoticed, but they can have a dramatic effect on the look of the room.” Putting a little extra time and thought into selecting your doors could help you to transform both the interior and exterior of your home, allowing you to create the space you’ve always wanted. To help you find the right door for your property, here’s our mini guide to choosing the perfect entrance-way.


Modern materials allow us to make doors, strong, stylish and eco friendly. Reinforced panels, toughened glass and snugly fitting units all help new sliding, folding and front doors to keep in the heat and keep out the cold. These contemporary door styles also allow for the installation of secure, heavyweight locks. Easy to fit into the frame and into the door itself, these tough, durable locks will help to keep your home secure.

Front doors

As the gateway to your home, your front door is incredibly important. Contributing to visitors’ first impressions and helping to keep your house secure, your front door is a signature part of your property.

When selecting a new front door, it’s important you choose one that suits your property. If you live in a Victorian, Edwardian, or period home, make sure you select a modern door with a traditional twist. A lot of high-quality doors can be finished with an authentic wood effect, making it easy to find a style that suits your home. If you live in a modern property, a sleek, clean design will work perfectly with your property’s exterior. Opt for flat surfaces, glazed panels and minimal embellishments for a door that will set your contemporary home off perfectly.  

Folding doors

A classic look for all types of properties, folding doors are a great choice for homeowners who want easy access to their outside space. Though these patio style doors can be up to seven panels wide, the modern materials they’re made from are incredibly energy efficient and will keep your home warm and toasty – even when it’s cold and grey outside.

Sliding doors

Usually installed at the rear of the house, looking onto the garden – sliding doors can help you to bring the outside in and transform your living space. As the large panels of this style of door slide to open, it’s the perfect choice for homeowners who want to open up a large section of their wall and who want a lot of light to flood into their property. Like folding doors, sliding doors are made from high quality contemporary materials. Energy efficient and durable, these tough glass panels will last you for years.

If you’re currently looking for a front door, a back door, a sliding door or a folding door for your home, we can help. Get in touch to find out more.