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Curb appeal – what is it and why your front door is key to getting it

Most visitors to a house, whether they’re potential buyers, or just friends and family dropping round for a cup of tea, will judge the property within the first few seconds of laying eyes on it. This first impression will inform how they view both you and your house and could have an impact on everything from your sale price to your relationships with your nearest and dearest.

What is curb appeal?

The phrase ‘curb appeal’ relates to how your property looks when viewed from the road, or ‘curb’. Character properties set in picturesque locations are likely to have great curb appeal, while rundown houses in unloved parts of town probably score quite poorly in the curb appeal rankings.

There are lots of things that influence curb appeal. From the condition of your property and the desirability of its surroundings, to the tidiness of your front garden and the state of your windows and doors, every little aspect of your property’s exterior contributes to its curb appeal.

The front door and curb appeal

Though there are a lots of factors involved in creating great curb appeal, one of the most important is the front door. As the gateway to the home, it has symbolic, as well as aesthetic importance, and visitors will infer a lot about you, and your property, from its condition.

Garden potsOld, tatty, or unloved front doors will tell visitors to your home that you don’t care about your property. They’ll probably assume that the inside is as poorly maintained as the outside, something that could put potential buyers off before they’ve even walked through the door. A new, beautifully designed, and well-maintained door on the other hand is great for curb appeal. Setting the right tone the moment your visitors arrive, a good quality door will help your home and make a great first impression.   

Boosting your property’s curb appeal

As well as swapping your old, tired front door for a shiny new one, you can boost your property’s curb appeal by replacing old, tatty windows, fixing any broken guttering and sprucing-up your front garden. Tidy any rubbish, or recycling bins you store outside your home and make sure everything on the approach to your property looks spick and span. A few flowerpots, or hanging baskets can really help to brighten up the exterior of your property, or, if you want to go the whole hog, you could consider repainting your home and giving it a brand new aesthetic.

If you’re currently considering giving your home a facelift, we can help, explore our site to find out more.