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Creative ways to enhance your windows

Here at Unicorn Windows, we’re all about providing our customers with high quality, long-lasting windows, so it makes sense for us to share some creative tips on how to make your windows look as fantastic as possible. Here are some ways in which you can use decor and accessories to really make your windows stand out and become one of your home’s key talking points.

1) Drapes

Drapes are a very practical way to achieve privacy whilst making your windows look extremely pretty. Whether you live in a country house or a modern flat, you can still make drapes work with the style of your home.

2) Sashes

Sashes are the parts of the window holding each pane of glass together and in place – the frames within the frame. You can paint the sashes a dark colour such as black for a highly contemporary way of sprucing up your windows. Drapes add impact whilst being simple and cost effective to put up. From an artistic perspective, this can make the window appear like it’s a picture frame – the view outside is the content that fills it. For a country home, you could also paint the sashes green to really capture the rural essence of your surroundings.

3) Use mirrors

Layering mirrors over windows is another way to add a modern touch to your home, and it’s practical and easy to achieve. You can hang a mirror on the window either on a picture wire or by fixed metal supports. The mirror will conceal enough of the window to allow for privacy whilst enabling a good amount of light to flood in.

Using a mirror is a clever way of attracting the focus to the areas that you like – and detracting attention from the areas that you don’t! You can also get really arty and creative by placing a mirror slightly offset against the window. This can work well when you have a window shade which matches the colour of the wall.

4) Shelves

Shelves are a great way to add focus to your window and can work very well when you stretch the shelves across the window.

5) Lighting

If there is a window in a room that you particularly like, but the area in which the window is situated doesn’t get a great deal of light, you can use lighting to help that. Choose a lighting fixture which is natural, pretty and has an illuminating effect so that it doesn’t create an ambience which is unpleasant or artificial.

6) Artwork

A big trend emerging in the interior design world at the moment is hanging pieces of art just in front of windows. This is particularly good for small homes or flats that don’t allow much room for artwork. This is definitely a statement look that starts conversations.

Once you’ve got the high quality windows that work best for your home, style and budget, the foundations are set for you to experiment! Try the tips that we’ve given, and don’t worry if they seem a bit out of the ordinary – you can always go back to the way things were if you don’t like them.

(Photo by Matt Biddulph)