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Should I opt for an energy efficient door?

Creating an energy efficient home has never been more essential. The importance of upping your green credentials is increasing, so it’s time to install modern features that make a difference to the planet. Although there’s tons of advice relating to the installation of energy efficient windows across the web, upgrading your home’s doors to a more environmentally friendly design is also beneficial.

Storm doors are the go-to solution for property owners in the USA and other countries, but you can still embrace reduced carbon emissions and lower energy bills right here in the UK.

At Unicorn Windows, we offer a number of innovative, energy efficient door designs for modern and traditional homes alike. Read on to discover just some of the advantages that go hand-in-hand with energy efficient door installation.

Lower energy use

Reducing the amount of energy being lost through your doors and windows is the key to lowering your energy use at home. Whilst draught-proofing is recommended, upgrading to a brand new door is the ultimate solution for improving your home’s energy efficiency. Energy Saver offers some great advice on choosing the energy efficient door that’s right for you:

“New exterior doors often fit and insulate better than older types. If you have older doors in your home, replacing them might be a good investment, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. If you’re building a new home, you should consider buying the most energy-efficient doors possible. When selecting doors for energy efficiency, it’s important to first consider their energy performance ratings in relation to the local climate and your home’s design. This will help narrow your selection.”

Lower energy use is more than just beneficial for the planet. You’ll also find that your bank balance is boosted thanks to the installation of energy efficient doors, as energy bills will be reduced all year round.

Better insulation against noise

As well as keeping heat in and cold out more effectively, energy efficient doors keep outside noise at bay. This is great news for those living next to busy roads or in areas with a high level of footfall. Your energy efficient doors will insulate your home against external noise, leaving you to enjoy the peaceful haven within.

A more comfortable home

Better insulation and reduced heat loss means fewer draughts and cold spots within your home, a benefit that you’ll certainly feel immediately. The use of a fully-insulated door with energy efficient glazing can also mean that those home condensation issues are a thing of the past. Condensation build up on the inside of windows is a common problem for poorly ventilated and badly insulated homes. The installation of energy efficient doors and windows can help prevent the unhealthy and uncomfortable conditions that come with excess moisture.

We provide the best new, insulated doors around. To discover more about our range of front, back, French, patio and bi-folding doors, please view our doors brochure.