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The ultimate guide to choosing your door furniture

We’ve offered lots of advice on choosing the right door style for your home and finding the security features that will help you protect your property. Yet selecting the accessories that complete the look of your new door installation is important too! There are various benefits to upgrading your doors. Whether you opt for a PVC-U, composite, veneered, hardwood or other door type, harnessing a great, aesthetically pleasing finish is certain to be high on your list of priorities. Your final look isn’t defined by your door design, though. The door furniture you choose to accompany your new installation should be considered carefully.

To ensure our door products are as bespoke as possible, we deliver a number of door designs in a selection of colours. Our collection of door furniture is also extensive. Featuring a vast range of handles, hardware, and letter plates, our customers have all they need to uniquely personalise their door design. The question is – where do you begin when choosing the door furniture that is right for you, your budget, your selected door design, and your property? In this blog post, our experts share their top tips for door furniture shopping success.

Know what’s available

Door handles come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t let the sheer choice deter you from finding the right design for you. Getting to know the types of door handles available is a great place to begin. Just like each individual door design we supply, each has its advantages. Lever handles are hugely popular, and for good reason, as detailed here by DoItYourself:

“Using door lever handles allows you to open a door coming into your home from the garage with armloads of groceries or other items where you don’t have to use a free hand to gain access to your home. With the lever type door, very little downward pressure is needed to open and unlatch the door. You can push it open with your shoulder to gain entrance. This saves time and effort of setting items down to open the door, or needing assistance in getting the door open with your arms and hands full. This is a great option for older or disabled people that have issues opening doors in their home, as there is less movement in the knob to get the door open.”

In addition to lever handles, pull handles are the perfect fit for contemporary property owners looking to continue the modern theme with their new door. Long lever, easy grip handles are also available for those looking for better accessibility. Your choice of knockers and letter plates will be equally as far-reaching, so explore your options to discover the ideal design for you.

Think beyond white

Most of the PVC-U doors we see feature white hardware to ensure they blend in with the commonly used material type. These days, you can think beyond white and realise a host of colours and finishes. In addition to supplying high quality hardware in white, customers can find gold, chrome, black, and satin finishes. In terms of colour, your hardware choices are endless, allowing you to complete that statement, contemporary, bold, or classic look.

Don’t forget the canopy

Want to boost your property’s kerb appeal further? Your accessorising journey doesn’t have to end once you’ve chosen your handles, hardware and door furniture. Fitting a door canopy can unlock great benefits for your property, including extra shelter, enhanced kerb appeal, exterior protection, and improved energy efficiency.