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A door canopy, in our opinion, is underrated. It’s one of those little details that makes a house a home, gives it personality and can even add value. There are so many practical benefits of installing a door canopy that we thought we would put together a short article to tell you the reasons why you need a door canopy.

It protects your property

While it stands to reason that your property was built to withstand the changeable weather we are lucky enough to experience here in the UK, your front door is not as hardy as your bricks and mortar. A door that is constantly exposed to the elements of the wind, rain and sleet will wear down over time.

A door canopy adds a layer of protection and shields your front door from the effects of the weather. It’ll keep it looking its best for longer and will prolong its life.

It keeps you dry

We’ve all been there; we arrive home from work when it’s pouring rain, and we have to fumble around in our bag or pocket for our keys to get inside. Imagine how much less stressful that would be if you could stop under a canopy, keeping dry. The same applies to coming out of your house and having to lock the door. Everything feels like it takes longer in bad weather. So, install a canopy, and getting in and out of the house when the rain comes down will be easier than ever before.

It keeps visitors dry

Any guest visiting your home will appreciate the shelter of a door canopy while they wait for you to get to your door. Just like when you arrive home, they will probably rush from a taxi or their car on arrival and would prefer not to get soaking wet in the process. A canopy will keep them dry while they wait and get an evening of entertainment off to a great start.

It adds style

We all judge houses as we walk past them, so a home that has a smart canopy and attractive frontage will be more appealing than the neighbours who do not. If you take the time and effort to keep the inside of your home looking its best, it makes sense that you would want the outside to reflect the interior of your home. 

It protects your door from the sun

We’ve covered the benefits of a door canopy in adverse weather conditions. However, a canopy will also protect your door in the summer months from the sun’s UV rays. If your front door faces the sun at specific points during the day, there’s a risk it could fade over time. Canopies are UV protected to keep your door looking brighter for longer and add years to its life.

Here at Unicorn Windows, we think these are all great reasons to get a door canopy for your home. In doing so, you’ll protect your home from the elements and gain some much-needed shelter from the great British weather.