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Dress to impress when it comes to windows

Curtains aren’t just essential for providing us with privacy. No, they often have a far bigger role to play – and that is in providing a focal point as a major colour accent for a room. 

In this blog, we’re going to be looking at curtain trends for 2022, as well as colour schemes and styles. Better still, we’ll be breaking it down for every room in your home. Read on…

Blinds are best

Right now, Roman blinds are trending. So too are Japanese panels and Scandinavian curtain designs. The common factor amongst all three is the minimalist look. Not only in terms of fabric – usually linen, voile or good quality cotton. In many cases, it’s a weightless fabric. But the colour tends to be lighter too, i.e. neutral tones, such as beige, creams, white and for a darker look, a charcoal grey. 

Living room window décor

Curtains – or blinds – for the living room should have luxury appeal. Or at least some sort of sophistication. This is the room where you and any visiting guests will spend most of the time, after all. So, it’s fine to opt for drapes, tie-backs and even pelmets – especially if you are intent on making your window a focal point of the room.

@GoodHomesMag: “If you’re looking for a highly decorative style option, consider pinch pleat curtains with permanently sewn-in pleats for an elegant, tailored look. Choose either a double or triple-pinch pleat, depending on your style.”

Bedroom curtains

For a soft, airy feel, bedroom curtains can be light linen or voile. It gives a romantic touch to the bedroom and is ideal for long, hot summer nights. If you’re bothered by the light waking you up, it’s possible to invest in blackout blinds which can be pulled up during the day to allow the light to continue to flood into the room. Japanese panel curtains (or ‘screens’) are a modern way to show off a window. Originally used for zoning in a room, they’re now being used for window dressings.

Kitchen curtains 

Kitchen curtains, more than for most rooms in the home, need to be practical as well as stylish. That’s because they’re prone to getting wet, and the windows steamed up. They’re also more likely to be opened and closed more regularly. And for that reason, blinds are far more practical in a kitchen than loose fabric curtains. If you really must have curtains, then make sure they are of a material that can be cleaned easily by regularly being chucked into the washing machine.

Trending curtain and blind colours

Colour schemes change from year to year. Right now, for instance, colour guru Pantone has opted for a bluey purple shade called Very Peri as their ‘must have’ colour of the year. Paint company Dulux, on the other hand, has also gone for blue, but with more of a pastel accent, called Bright Skies

Printed fabrics are big news these days and make excellent accents, especially for big bay windows where they can be long and draped puddle-fashion at the bottom to give a sense of luxury.