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20 Curtain Styles For Living Rooms

If you need to revamp your living room windows, there are seemingly endless options from pencil pleated to loud decorative trims and simple elegance. You want your living room to feel cosy as well as functional for your family and lifestyle. We’ve put together a list of 20 curtain styles we think would work well in a variety of living rooms:

1. Roman blinds

If you have recessed windows, these could provide the perfect solution and create a streamlined look. These work well where there is no space for the curtains or bunch up on either side.

2. Double up with layers

Add a level of comfort and privacy with full-length curtains and a roman blind for extra privacy in the evenings. This look adds depth and interest to the space.

3. Tie-back curtains

Tiebacks give a regal feel and add volume. A traditional tie-back is a crescent shape and made of stiff cotton cloth. Cord, metal or wooden versions are available to suit your home decor and can be fixed directly to the wall if desired.

4. Internal curtains

If your room layout allows, curtains can be a great way of sectioning a room off, creating an additional privacy level when needed, and opening up a space as required.

5. Blend in

Curtains are vital to making a living area feel complete. For a wholly blended and seamless look, choose colours and tones which compliment your decor. For example, if you have chocolatey brown tones go for lighter or darker brown curtains to complete the look.

6. Add a pelmet

If you are not familiar with pelmets, a decorative board is fixed above the window that covers the curtain rod. It can add contrast and frame your curtains.

7. Decorative trims

Adding decorative trim to your curtains will give a stylish finish. It can also be used to add some texture to your living room.

8. Halfway curtain

For large windows and those with a top and bottom half, you could consider a halfway curtain. This involves adding a curtain to the bottom half of your window for privacy and leaving the top half uncovered to let in more light.

9. Sheer curtains

If you like the minimalist look, sheer curtains can make your room feel light and airy while still providing enough privacy throughout the day.

10. Bay windows

If your home features an attractive bay window, your curtain pole will fit the corners and curves of the bay perfectly. Instead of one pair of curtains that pulls across the whole window, consider adding three pairs, this will mean each pair frames a window individually.

11. Pull to the side

For homes that feature a window that reaches wall to wall a curtain rail that curves inwards will allow you to pull the curtain aside for a completely uninterrupted view.

12. Double height

If you have high double-height ceilings, show it off with double-height drapes!

13. Keep out the cold

Does your living room get extra chilly in the colder months? Invest in some lined curtains to keep the chill out and they will also double as a blackout blind.

14. Merge indoor and out

Think about choosing curtains that complement the outside space and view of the garden. Choosing tones that match a leafy view can really enhance the effect of your curtain choice.

15. Match your furnishings

Choosing to match a key item or two in your living room, for example, an armchair, can create an effortless look, pull the style through with some plain pieces, and compliment the tones in your curtains.

16. Textured curtains

If you love rattan furniture and rustic furnishings, textured curtains might be your perfect style fit. 

17. Make your curtains the focus

If your furnishings are mainly plain and classic looking, adding some strongly patterned curtains can significantly impact and create a centrepiece for the room. 

18. Pinch pleat

Pinch pleats gather a pencil pleat into groups and give a more decorative result. This style works with all fabric types but keep in mind the more pleats, the more material you will need.

19. Extra-long

Ok, this one is not an easy look to pull off. Use extra-long fabric that bunches up at the bottom. When done right this can create a beautiful look.

20. Statement tie-backs

If you like a bit of fun in your interior design add a unique tie back. Add a bit of humour and fun into your curtain style.

These are just a few examples of curtain styling options you could adopt in your living room. Whether you are looking for a classic look or bold statement hopefully you’ve been inspired!