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5 ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home

The housing market is always volatile and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the recently announced recession, it’s only going to get more volatile in the weeks and months to come.

With interest rates at an all-time low, the next six months are going to be an incredible time for the sector and if you are planning on taking advantage and taking the next step on the housing ladder, you’re going to need a little help to get your home to stand out.

First impressions are key during a house viewing and how your home looks from the front (its curb appeal) is an impression that will linger longer than any other.

Because it doesn’t matter how far your interior design skills have taken you – if your home looks unwelcoming from the outside, then it’s just wasted effort.

But how can you make the most of your home’s external charms without spending a small fortune?

Doors and windows – If the living room is the heart of your home and the kitchen is the belly, the doors, and windows are the eyes and mouth. And when it comes to the literal face of your home, it’s all about the eyes when it comes to that all-important first impression.

Depending on the state of your windows they might just need a good clean but if they are single-glazed, the sash is rotten and discoloured, and they don’t close and open properly, it might be time to get your windows replaced. When it comes to your doors, a fresh coat of paint will do the trick knife times out of ten.

Take care of the front garden – If you live on a busy road and don’t have a front garden then there’s not much you can do here so perhaps you should consider yourself lucky (though some hanging baskets and window boxes might not go amiss).

There is nothing quite as off-putting, however, as an unkempt front garden. So, mow the grass, rake the leaves and (most importantly of all) sort out those weeds!

Light it up – A dark entryway is far from an enticing prospect for potential buyers as it sets a gloomy precedent for what’s to follow. In the winter months, you might be getting visitors in the evenings when it’s dark and if they arrive at a dark driveway and have to use their phones to help them find the front door it’s not going to make a great impression.

So, be creative. Use solar-powered lanterns to guide the way up the driveway, experiment with LED string lights above the porch and ensure your light fixtures are all in perfect working order.

Symmetry is everything – There is a natural beauty in symmetry and it creates an organic focal point, drawing the gaze, and making your home seem more complete and consistent. It’s an incredibly easy trick to pull off too.

Use lights, plant pots and other accoutrements spaced evenly around your doorway to make it look and feel more inviting and to draw the desiring gaze of passers-by.

Don’t forget the little things – It’s easy to forget the little things when we’re selling our house. Little things such as ensuring the gutters are clean, making sure the mailbox isn’t rusted and pitted, and that the house number can be easily read. Indeed, one of the cheapest curb appeal tricks you can pull is buying a new number for your home.

Or better yet, why not come up with a charming name for it and get a custom sign made? It’s one thing that’s sure to leave a lasting impression and that’s what the real estate game is all about in 2020!