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Back to school: turn your conservatory into an office or study room

These days, more and more people are working from home. For professionals and students alike, home offices are becoming increasingly important. If you’re looking to create a work hub at home, why not utilise your conservatory?

A peaceful space

One of the advantages of a conservatory is that it’s partly separated from the rest of the house. Setting up a laptop in your living room is subject to all kinds of interruptions. A conservatory, on the other hand, allows for some much needed peace and quiet. There’s also a psychological benefit to having a dedicated space for your work. The simple act of entering your office signifies the start of ‘work time’. For many people, this helps with resisting temptations like the TV or the fridge!

A potential downside of working from home is feeling ‘cooped up’ indoors all day. However, a conservatory can remedy this with plenty of light and beautiful views of your garden. For many people, the natural surroundings are also very motivating. The best part is that you can enjoy it comfortably all year round – even when it’s cold and wet outside!

Use and furnishings

Another perk of the conservatory office is that it can be re-purposed for when you aren’t using it. The important thing is to plan how you will use the space and choose your furniture accordingly. If you have children or teenagers in the family, they may benefit from using the space for study. Offer them a dedicated drawer in your filing cabinet, to prevent your belongings from getting mixed up. Make sure to purchase a good quality office chair. Look for one with an adjustable seat and back support, so your whole family can use it comfortably.

Alternatively, you might want to use the space for something completely different. Instead of a traditional office desk, why not use a dining table? Rather than a filing cabinet, how about a stylish chest of drawers? Get creative with your décor and transform your office into a multi-purpose space.

Lighting and blinds

When you work in a glass office, it’s worth investing in the right set of blinds. Whilst it’s lovely to have so much natural light, there may come a time when you want some shade. A good set of blinds will let enough light in, whilst taking the edge off of very bright days. Remember that your blinds will also contribute to the temperature of the room. Some blinds will help to keep the room cool, whilst others are great at trapping the heat during winter. Consider when you’ll be using your conservatory then find the appropriate blinds for you.Macbook

It’s also worth putting some thought into the position of your desk. Facing yourself towards the garden is likely to provide the best natural light. It should also help to avoid glare on your computer screen. Don’t forget to think about artificial lighting too. Prepare yourself for evening work with a good quality desk lamp or overhead light. This will become increasingly important during winter, when the days get much shorter.

Technology and security

Technology plays a significant role in every home office. As a minimum, most people will keep a laptop or PC on their desk. Others may have phones, tablets, or even audio-visual equipment for presentations. For a lot of people, a conservatory office is ideal, as it’s well positioned to connect to the house WiFi.

If you don’t have WiFi available, you might want to plan for wired internet access from inside the house. It’s also a good idea to take note of where the room’s power sockets are. That way, you’ll always have easy access for powering and charging your devices. With all that technology around, you’ll want to make sure it’s kept safe and secure. A good step to take, would be installing a high quality locking system on any doors and windows. You might also prefer to keep the blinds drawn when it’s dark outside.

We hope this article has given you some ideas for your home office. For more inspiration, visit our conservatories gallery here.


[Photos by stocksnap and unplash]