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5 lighting ideas for your conservatory

The conservatory is a great place to chill out, spend time with the family or even host a party. One of the things which makes it such a versatile space is the amount of natural light it provides. As the days get longer, you’ll have even more hours of daylight to enjoy. But when the sun goes down, the right lighting can really help to create a fun atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cut-out lampshades

A cut-out lampshade features lots of cut-out holes, which form a pattern. The holes could be in the shape of stars, flowers or anything else which takes your fancy. When the light shines through the holes in the shade, it will create a pattern on your floor or walls. If you happen to be using a coloured lampshade, you’ll also get a coloured glow from the lamp itself. This idea is great for ceiling lights but could also work well for floor-standing lamps. If you can’t find the perfect pattern in the shops, you could always use an online tutorial to make your own!

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are always a popular choice for both relaxing and social occasions. They create a soft, gentle light that looks good with any style of décor. If you want to keep things chic and simple, opt for plain white LED bulbs. For a cooler light, choose blue-toned lights and for a warmer effect, choose yellow-toned lights. Another option is to get some themed fairy lights. These usually feature a white bulb within a themed holder. These could be little lanterns, flowers or stars. For a cocktail party, you could go for something fun like little flamingos or pineapples.

Matt Naughton, writing for Lights4Fun, states:

Hang connectable curtain lights across a wall for an extra touch of sparkle or invest in some connectable multi-coloured fairy lights to dot around the home.”

Curtain lights

To create a really magical effect, purchase some ‘curtains’ of fairy lights. These feature multiple strings of LED bulbs, positioned close together. One option is to hang your curtains vertically, on the conservatory walls. This is particularly effective if your walls are floor-to-ceiling glass. When it gets dark outside, this will create the effect of a wall of lights. Another option is to hang the curtains on the ceiling. As night draws in, this will give the impression of a ‘starry sky’ overhead.


Up-lighting is a great way of creating a contemporary feel in any room. It also compliments modern, minimalist décor. This technique works by fitting lights on the floor, around the outer edge of the room. The bulbs point upwards, sending light up the walls and illuminating the space. This works especially well if your walls are painted a light colour. If you want permanent up-lighting, you might want to have these installed within the floor of your conservatory. Alternatively, you could purchase temporary lights for an occasion such as a party. White lights will create a clean, chic look. For something more adventurous, purchase some coloured filters to create a rainbow effect.

[Photo by tabeajaichhalt]