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Eight smart and special looks for conservatory flooring

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, but are a bit fed up with your current flooring believing it’s definitely time for a change, then keep reading. 

That’s because, from wooden planks to terracotta tiles and marvellous marble squares, we have eight great ideas for adding some practical – but incredibly stylish – flooring right here.

Before we start though, we have to point out that due to the high traffic they receive, conservatory floors have to be hard-wearing and durable. They’re going to have lots of muddy welly prints and dog paws to cope with, after all. And, that means they have to be easy to clean too.

Stone slabs

If you’re after a bit of a country feel to your conservatory then lay down some old-fashioned looking stone slabs. Team with a cosy rug, cushions, throws and generally plenty of pretty floral textiles.

Marble tiles

Go upmarket and elegant with some veined marble slabs on the floor of your conservatory. Team with plenty of large leafy-green plants, rattan furniture and the odd mid-century or art deco side table.

Lime-washed wood

Stripped and lime-washed wood is great for a light and airy Scandi look in your conservatory. Opt for plush white or cream seating, black metallic plant holders and wooden accessories. A large white and black geometric-patterned rug wouldn’t go amiss either.

Reclaimed floorboards

Sticking with a wooden flooring theme, reclaimed floorboards can be the icing on the cake for a vintage orangery or conservatory. Just remember to include plenty of stylish old chairs (Lloyd Loom-style preferably), an ornamental table and antiques, such as a table lamp and even a gramophone if you can get your hands on one.

Terracotta tiles

Hardwearing certainly and attractive too with their orangey tone, terracotta tiles are pretty much perfect for a conservatory floor. And, you can use them inside and outside your conservatory, giving a flowing feel between indoors and outdoors.

Ritzy rugs

It’s amazing the difference a colourful and quirky, contemporary-patterned rug can make to a dull conservatory floor. You could also go Turkish style or lean towards a more coastal Hampton’s feel.

Laminate flooring 

The beauty of laminate is that, unlike natural wood, it won’t expand and contract depending on how much sun and heat your conservatory gets. And yet, it gives the same look as wood. It also comes in numerous shades and patterns. But the best bit is, it’ll look better for longer.

Luxury vinyl

Like laminate, luxury vinyl is another conservatory flooring option that will last longer than wood and won’t be as vulnerable as marble to spills. Yet, it can look just as impressive and elegant too (if that’s the look you’re after). It’s also extremely durable, moisture-proof and slip-resistant.

Johanna Constantinou, Comms Director @TapiCarpets said: “Vinyl flooring is making a comeback… You can create an ‘on-point’ interior with so many looks at affordable prices. From a traditional Victorian-tile look to the very latest retro and botanical trends, the choice is endless.”