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5 essential décor items for your conservatory

In previous articles we’ve spoken about choosing the perfect décor for your conservatory. But with so many options, where should you start? Here, we’ll run through five of the ‘must have’ décor items you might like to consider.

Indoor plants

Many people choose to build a conservatory because it helps them feel closer to nature. With beautiful views of outside, you’re able to watch the seasons come and go. If you’d like to take this a step further, try bringing a few plants indoors. Citrus plants are famously good for growing in a conservatory environment.

However there are many species of flowers, herbs, and fruits that will work well. Do a little research online to find the perfect plants for you. As well as growing conditions, consider how much you’ll need to water the plant and of course, its appearance. Ideally, you’ll find plants that suit both your lifestyle and your décor.

Muddy shoes station

If your conservatory leads to your garden, consider creating a ‘muddy shoes station’. This will help to avoid mud and grass getting onto your carpet when people enter the room. Begin by laying a large mat down on the ground, in front of the door. This will give everyone a dry space to remove their shoes, without stepping onto the carpet.

If you want to take this a step further, create a simple drip tray for the wet shoes. Just grab a shallow container, large enough to contain a few pairs of shoes. Then, fill it with a layer of pebbles and stones. These could be collected from your back garden or a local beach. The stones will allow water to drip down to the bottom of the container, rather than onto the floor.

Blankets and cushions

Textiles are a great way to add character and warmth to your conservatory décor. Add a selection of cushions to any sofas or chairs you have in the space. Choose fabrics and colours that compliment your décor and experiment with different sizes.

If your conservatory is your ‘chill out’ space, you could even try some floor cushions. This will immediately give the room a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Another option is to add a blanket or throw. During the summer, you could opt for a lightweight sofa throw, for decorative purposes. When the winter comes around, this could be swapped for a set of cosy blankets.

Warm lighting

Lighting can transform the atmosphere in any room and your conservatory is no exception. During the summer months, you’ll find that natural daylight is all you need for most of the day. As the evenings draw in, you could add a touch of whimsy, with some warm, white fairy lights.

Interior design blogger, Simona Ganea, states:

There are tons of ways in which you can decorate with these lights but keep in mind that they’re meant to be simple so don’t overthink the décor. It’s best to go with a casual décor and to let them just be there without attracting too much attention.”

During the cooler months, you might want to create a cosier atmosphere inside. Table lamps are a great way of doing this and can be chosen to match your existing décor. If you’re looking for something more decorative, you could also consider coloured lantern lights. These look great and are particularly fun when hosting parties or social gatherings.

The perfect coffee table

One of the advantages of a conservatory is that it has so many potential uses. If you need a place to relax, the conservatory makes a lovely reading room. Alternatively, you might decide to create a fun playroom for the kids. You could even set up a home office, with beautiful views of the garden.

However you use your conservatory, a coffee table will form an important part of your décor. A chic, stylish table is a great choice if you’re using the space for relaxation. If the room belongs to your children, something more durable might be more appropriate. If your conservatory is also your office, you may need a table that’s large enough to host client meetings.

[Photo by Hans]