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Top tips for enjoying your conservatory during this Christmas

This year has been tough on everyone but one thing we can all agree on is that we’ve never needed a decent Christmas more! But this Christmas isn’t just going to be about making sure we’ve got the best presents and the biggest tree, it’s about making our homes feel like the warmest and most welcoming places on earth.

But there have been thousands of articles written on making your living room or your kitchen feel like veritable Winter Wonderlands.

The part of the house we’ll be focusing on today, however, is the conservatory. Because, believe it or not, it might be the most naturally Christmassy room in your home.

Invest in heating

In past years the conservatory was seen as too chilly to enjoy in the winter months but modern heating systems are far more refined.

If your conservatory is feeling a little more chill than other rooms in your home, get some thicker curtains installed, throw some cosy blankets around, and surround the room with some more rustic decorations to make it feel warm. Because winter warmth isn’t just a sensation, it’s a feeling.

Get another tree!

One Christmas tree is great but what about two Christmas trees! The living room is always traditional where we’d keep our tree in December but having it in the conservatory instead and putting a secondary fake tree in the lounge has several benefits.

For one thing, it’s right by the garden so you won’t have all that mess to bother with dragging the tree in and out. It’s also a room that is full of windows and there is nothing quite as magical as watching a Christmas tree sparks through its frosted glass.

Keep it light

When you think of Christmas you think first of the big man, second of the tree, third of Christmas dinner and probably fourth of decorations. Chief amongst those decorations?

Fairy lights. These are cheap and delightful alternatives to more permanent fixtures that can be quite comfortably draped just about anywhere.

Use your windows

A conservatory is more glazing than it is anything else so make the most of this. Clean your windows and replace any cracked or broken window panes and use stick-on decorations and snow spray to make them feel festive and cosy.

One thing we would also recommend, however, is to invest in some double glazing for your conservatory if you can afford it. You’ll really notice the difference in the noise and heat.

Don’t forget your garden

The conservatory is, at the end of it all, an interior extension of your garden. So don’t neglect that exterior space!

Even if you have just a little patio area or a small patch of grass to work with, make it shine with a festive makeover. You’ll also be able to get away with exterior decorations that might not make sense (or be particularly safe) indoors.

Winter cleaning

Finally, the very least you can do is ensure the conservatory is clean, tidy and ready for the festive season. Make sure any draughts are sealed, the windows are washed and the floors are free of dirt and grime. Because there’s nothing less festive than mess.