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The benefits of turning your conservatory into a home gym

In a historical context, conservatories were first conceived as a way of providing shelter to citrus trees while still allowing them to receive an abundance of natural sunlight. In the modern day, people still grow citrus fruits (and many other things) in their conservatories, but these rooms are used for a number of other purposes too. Many homeowners install a conservatory to improve their property’s value, add a home office or children’s play area to their living space, or less commonly, create a space to exercise in. However, turning your conservatory into a home gym can have many benefits.


One of the reasons that people don’t enjoy working out in gyms is that there is no privacy. Especially if you are self-conscious, performing strenuous physical exercise in the company of others can be very discomforting. By installing a gym in your conservatory, you can work out to your heart’s content knowing that no one else will be observing you.

It’s free

Other than the initial cost of installing the equipment, working out in your conservatory is completely free. There are no monthly fees for signing up to your home gym – simply work out whenever you feel like and never pay a thing!


One of the main reasons that working professionals struggle to keep to an exercise routine is that after a full day at the office, they’re exhausted! The last thing most people want to do after a tough day in front of a computer screen is pack their gym clothes in a bag and head off to the gym. With all of your equipment in your own home, it’s a lot less effort. Once you work out a sweat, it’s only a short trip to the kitchen where you can make yourself a smoothie or hearty meal.

Michalene Cerqua has tried working out at home and at the gym, and she concludes:

Time is so valuable, especially these days in our fast paced world. Working out from home can save you a boat load of time. You don’t have to worry about the commute to the gym and the traffic you may encounter. You don’t have to worry about waiting on a piece of equipment like you do during peak hours at the gym.

Natural light

A photograph of a gym in a conservatory, with a woman running on a treadmill insideThe lack of natural light and dungeon-like atmosphere of most gyms can be very off-putting. For this reason, many people prefer a jog in the park in the fresh air to working out on an elliptical machine in a packed gym. Unfortunately, if you prefer to work out outdoors and also spend 8 hours a day at the office, it can be difficult to get out when the sun is shining brightest. Additionally, in the UK the weather is not ideal for outdoor exercise for much of the year. For this reason, working out in a conservatory can provide you with the uplifting natural light of working out outdoors but will keep you protected from the elements.

The space is all yours

The best thing about having your own gym is that you can fill it with whatever equipment pleases you. You won’t have to do battle with other gym goers at 5PM for a limited amount of treadmills. You can perform the exercises you want, whenever you want. If, at a later date, you decide you would rather use the living space for another purpose, such as an office, you can simply pack away the gym equipment and install some furniture, a desk and a computer. It’s your space, so the possibilities for how you use it are nearly endless.