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Our quick guide to making your commercial window installation hassle free

The windows in your commercial space are one of its most important features. The light they let in can boost morale, improve creativity in the workplace and increase the wellbeing of your workers. As Eco Business says, research shows “workplaces with good daylight had a 3%-40% gain in productivity and sales”.

This shows just how important it is to look after your commercial windows. Not only could the increased levels of light help to improve the atmosphere in your office, the high quality materials could save you money on your monthly energy bills. To help ensure your new windows go in as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, here’s our guide to making your commercial window installation hassle-free.

De-clutter the area

Preparing the area around the windows will make life easier both for the installers and your staff. Though it might take an hour or two to move stock, shift desks and clear cupboards in preparation, doing the legwork before the installers arrive will ensure they can get straight on with the job. Leave de-cluttering until the last moment, and your staff will be disrupted by rearranging the office as well as the installation work that’s being carried out.

Check your electricity plugs

Another job to do before the installers arrive is have a quick look around the office to see where tools can be plugged in. If you can point installers to available sockets as soon as they get to your commercial space, you’ll speed up the process and help them to get on with the task in hand. If there are no free sockets close to the windows that are being replaced, it’s well worth rearranging some of your appliances, or investing in an extension lead, before the workmen begin.

Select a provider who clears up after themselves

When looking for a company to provide the windows for your installation, try to select an installer who will take away your old windows once the job is done. As well as giving you one less thing to worry about, this will help to ensure your commercial space gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

Choose a company that’s FENSA registered

A sign of quality, FENSA registration shows your chosen installer meets certain standards. By selecting a registered company, you can increase your chances of a successful, hassle-free installation.

For more information on replacing your commercial windows, or to arrange an installation of your own, contact a member of our team or take a look around our site today.