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Cleaning External Doors with Vinegar – And Other Homemade Hacks

When it comes to external doors, there are so many different door types to choose from.

Whether you have sleek sliding doors, fancy French doors for your patio doors, or just a simple no-frills door that requires little maintenance, one thing that you will have to think about is cleaning them.

With more and more people taking notice of the environment, they’re looking for eco-friendly options for cleaning. This often means making homemade cleaning products to get their houses sparkling clean.

As @idealhome says, there’s never been a better time to learn some tips and tricks for cleaning tools to make sure they’re up for the job!

Here are some homemade hacks to help you clean your home.


Vinegar is a versatile ingredient for cleaning. Used with water, it can work well on external doors and it’s great for using on tough stains and buffs doors up beautifully.

It’s one of our favourite DIY cleaning solutions for cleaning our doors and windows. You could also add some household ammonia to it if there are some stubborn greasy marks that you cannot get rid of.

Vinegar is also good for inside the home – it’s perfect for getting your microwave odour free without having to use harsh chemicals. Not only that but it leaves surfaces streak-free too.

You can even clean your blinds with it with a rag or sock so you’re giving old items a new lease of life which is great for the environment.

Washing Up Liquid or Handwash

As well as being a great product for washing dishes, washing up liquid mixed with a little water makes an effective cleaner for external doors.

Using a cloth or a soft sponge, your doors will soon be looking great. Handwash is the same – it is a really helpful product for ensuring your home is spotless.

Baking Soda

This is dependent on the type of door you have but a baking soda mixture is perfect for removing mild scuff marks that buffing may have missed.

A simple paste of baking soda and water with a non-abrasive pad can be used to rub the area, giving it a deeper clean.


If you have lemons in your home, these are such versatile ingredients – and not just for your recipes.

Lemons can be used in cleaning solutions to clean windows, microwaves, and even remove stubborn stains from containers.


Would you believe that coffee can also cleverly help you clean your home? It can be mixed with dish soap and boiling water to unclog drains and the grounds can even be used as a degreaser.

There are so many homemade cleaning hacks you can turn to in order to give your home that fresh feeling.

Get those doors and windows looking great once again and give your property that all-important curb appeal.

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