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Getting your conservatory ready for Christmas

For those of us with conservatories, we’ve all probably gone through the initial period of uncertainty when it comes to what “function” the room should be serving. Will it be a secondary living room? A playroom for the kids? A crafting room for mum? Regardless of whether you settled on a  definitive idea or it’s just currently sitting there as an “everything for everyone” space, there’s one thing for certain – conservatories really come into their own at Christmas.

There’s something so special about the reflection of lights on glass that can make a conservatory at Christmas seem almost like a festive grotto. As long as you are adequately prepared, of course. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, to help all conservatory owners prepare their sanctuaries for the festive season.

Keep it warm

One of the key excuses people use to ignore their conservatories at Christmas is that it “gets too cold in there.” True, a conservatory will not be as naturally warm as a conventional living room, but there are certainly ways to mitigate the risk of winter chill. If your conservatory doesn’t have a radiator or underfloor heating, invest in a couple of cheap space heaters and place them at either side of the room. Installing blinds can also help keep the heat in.

The cosier the better

There are few pleasures in life as perfectly festive as sitting with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your conservatory admiring the first frost of the season. Make your conservatory into a festive snug by furnishing it with rugs and blankets. You can make the room feel even cosier with some rustic furniture and a little bit of greenery to bring the outside in. 

Use the extra space

The more space there is in a conservatory, the colder and less inviting it will feel. Of course, putting the Christmas tree in there is a no-brainer, as the lights reflecting off the walls will create a winter wonderland spectacle. But you should also attempt to fill the rest of the space too. That doesn’t mean it has to be messy though.

Keep it simple

The days of throwing a bunch of tinsel at the ceiling at calling it a day are mercifully long behind us. Christmas decoration today is all about sticking to the core festive colours – green, red, white and gold. Conservatories are generally quite tall, which means they are the ideal room in which to hang suspended decorations that might get in the way in other rooms of the house. Inexpensive paper stars and snowflakes can look wonderful in the right context.

Light it up

Lighting is obviously going to be less of a consideration in a conservatory during the day, but the days are exceptionally short at this time of year. Keep the lighting subtle and elegant, you don’t want to detract from the tree, after all. Scented candles are also always going to provide an extra glimmer of light and have the added benefit of bringing the smells of the season into the home. Cinnamon and ginger. Can’t be beaten.

If you have been inspired to invest in a conservatory in time for next year’s festive season, this is generally the best time of year to shop for deals. Contact us today for more information.